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Astra Kit Car Kit for the MK3 Astra/Opel Kadett
Adam/Opel VK97
For 2.0L 16V XE &LN
(part No ADAM - OPEL VK97
for distributor/distributorless driven

We are the official manufacturers and distributors of the homologated ADAM- OPEL VK97 Astra Kit Car Kit, as approved by the FIA. Each kit has all the parts officially numbered and engraved and is registered to the purchaser. The parts in the kit have been specifically made to an exact specification to qualify as a homologated kit and this is reflected in the price. If each part were to be purchased separately off the shelf, then this would not qualify as an 'official Adam - Opel

Opel Astra

kit'. This kit is suitable for competitors wishing to upgrade their group A MK3 Astra for use at National and International Level. The kit is very similar to our other taper injection systems kits and if you look at those, it will give you an idea of the kind of performance, that can be achieved by using this kit.

Note: If you are only running at Club level and have no intention of doing National International events, then this kit is unnecessary for you. Please look at our normal taper injection kits.

Parts included in this kit:
Taper throttle kit Throttle position sensor PT1
TP2K Taper Throttle Kit for 2.0L 16V XE & LN PT1 Throttle position Sensor
Flywheel FLY-W6 Ring gear FLY-RG1 Steel con rod set ROD-143S
FLY-W6 & FLY-RG1 200mm flywheel and ring gear ROD-143S Steel rod set 143mm 2.0L 16V
Astra MK3 2.0L 16v & Cavalier GSI It can be modified to fit the MK2 Astra 16v High specification exhaust manifold

It must be fitted with an exhaust system with a minimum diameter of 2.5". (when fitting all exhaust studs must be removed & replaced with cap head bolts)

Type: A-2.0L-XE

Exhaust Manifold EX-M-AST3-S16V
Exhaust adaptor EX-ADP-2
Carbon & Glass construction Air Box kit. This kit has been specially designed for the ADAM - OPEL VK97
2.0L Vauxhall Kits & Components

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