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Vauxhall camshafts Why we don't regrind camshafts

When you look through our lists of camshafts you will notice that we do not list either exchange or reground cams. There are 3 reasons for this:

1. When you regrind a standard cam in order to increase the duration of lift, you must remove material from the base of the cam. This would be OK if the new cam profile you wish to grind is only very mild. But if your going to the trouble of up rating your engine by fitting new cams & the effort that involves, surely a profile that is significantly better than the original is worth the extra money.

2. The base circle of the cam gets smaller & is reduced by more than 0.04" (or 1mm) the hydraulic valve in the cam follower cannot extend any further. It will then either stop & the follower will lose contact with the base of the cam, or it will jack up so far it will fall to bits.

3. The most important reason is because the fault could take a long time to show up, when it does its too late and as the base of the cam gets smaller, the cam follower rises up its bore to stay in contact with it. The problem you get is because the follow it so much higher out of its bore it has a tendency to rock backwards & forwards with cam motion, this slowly wears its bore. Eventually it can become so worn that it gets stuck at an angle & when the cam next comes round it makes quite a mess.

Camshaft costs
All SBD camshafts have been designed in conjunction with Kent Cams and extensively tested on the dynamometer. Because of the costs involved in developing and testing, we charge a premium price for all our own cam profiles. Similar work can be carried out for our customers, please contact us with your requirements for a complete estimate. If however, you wish to purchase Kent Cam profiles from their normal range of cams standard listings, these will be available at normal Kent Cams prices.

All Exhaust cams shown are shortened for Distributor less use if you intend on using a Distributor please remove the 'S' from the end of part number when ordering.

*Power gains can only be achieved provided your engine has the components to complement it. E.g. exhaust manifold & system, induction system & cylinder head porting where required. If you look at our upgrade kits they will give you more help.

Camshaft Fitting Instructions
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