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Daytuner Performance Damian Tracey Daytuner Performance Autograss Class winners, Martin, Sam & Ben Gould of Shebdon Plant Hire Shebdon Plant Hire
OMS Racing Cars OMS Racing Cars using our systems for Hillclimbs & Sprinting GulfSport Racing GulfSport Racing
Ivan Orr Rally Cars with engines built by Ivan Orr using our kits John Hewat, Blaze Motorsport John Hewat, Blaze Motorsport
Darren Hilburn
Darren Hilburn wanted more power from his Astra GTE 16V. Looking at all the options available, Darren went for the MT 196 kit
Gary Poole
Gary Poole has owned his Astra for over ten years now, with an interest in track days he came to us to see what we could do for him.
Roy White & Des Cooney
Roy White & Des Cooney proved more than successful in their Astra.
Nick Caro
Nick Caro spent 13 years perfecting his 2.0L 16v Nova both inside & out. Total Vauxhall tells the story.
Ben & Tom Jefferis
Ben Jefferis and Tom Jefferis go from strength to strength with their 1.6 16V powered Nova.
Graham Richardson
Graham Richardson's Nova has been upgraded from a Vauxhall 1.6L 8v to a 1.6L 16v with our throttle bodies.
Simon Peckham
Simon Peckham chose our TP208 kit for his 1975 A series Opel Manta. It was featured in Retro Cars in March 2004
Johan Gronberg
Johan Gronberg's Opel Kadett GSi was on show this year at Sweden's largest indoor exhibition
Oliver Turner
Oliver Turner emailed us to let us know how pleased he was with our 2.0L Taper throttle kit
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill's Astra was fitted with an 2.0L XE engine with full complement of SBD modifications
Jamie Fisher
Jamie Fisher's Astra has our Multi-throttle basic kit with Omega piston, steel rods & a high spec cylinder head
Alistair & Dave Oram
Alistair & Dave Oram installed a 1.4L 16v Corsa engine with our Taper throttle body kit into their Nova for rallying
Karam Dhala
Karam Dhala 's Opel developmental car with the latest MBE9A4 ECU is did well in the Essex Stages Rally.
Mariani Brothers
The Mariani Brothers in Italy have upgraded their Astra to Group A & won their first rally Class A group
DMP Motorsport
Mattias Filander of DMP Motorsport, Sweden have upgraded their 2.0L XE to our TP225 kit.
Richard Hawken
Richard Hawken chose a Vauxhall 2.0 16V XE for his Fiesta Hot Rod he runs on the oval and sprint circuits.
Graham Millar
Graham Millar's RS2000 written about in Classic Ford in August 2002
Matt Downer
Matt Downer upgraded his MkII GRP4 Escort from a 2.0L SBD Duratec engine to a SBD 2.4L Duratec engine producing 327bhp, 225lbft torque.
Peter Elliott
Peter Elliott's Mk1 Escort powered by an XE with our ignition system.
Paul Nicholson
Paul Nicholson (co-founder SBM-sport) recently put the finishing touches to his 1969 mk1 grp4 escort with it's 2.0L Vauxhall engine.
Ben Morley
Ben Morley chose our TP208 kit for his XE-powered MkI van, full story was reported in Classic Ford & Retro Ford
Herbet Burrell
Herbert Burrell's Mk2 Cortina with a Vauxhall 2.0L 16v engine fitted using our parts.
Jed Pullen
Jed Pullen's 2.0L XE powered Anglia was featured in Classic Ford
Kevin Jenkins
Kevin Jenkins' Mk 1 Escort, capable of mid-11 second quarter mile, powered by 2.0L Vauxhall, featured in Retro Ford.
Martin Page & Hugh Holdaway
Martin Page & Hugh Holdaway thanked us for helping ensure their Escort was ready for the rally at Longmoor.
Dave Barber
Dave Barber had his Vauxhall powered MK2 Escort featured in the new look Retro Cars
Dyrr Ardash
Dyrr Ardash was chuffed to bits with his Duratec powered Fiesta ST150
Julien Roumignac. Picture:.Alex at
Julien Roumignac has our Duratec TP245 Kit on his Fiesta ST150
David Pask
David Pask is restoring a Ford Anglia & installing a Vauxhall XE.
Bruce McKenzie
Bruce McKenzie has just had his Mk2 Escort 'Rothmanised'
Razvan Vlad
Razvan Vlad's Fiesta feels quicker, more responsive, and a lot more like a purpose built rally car
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is building a SBD 307bhp Duratec powered Escort
Tom Foster
Tom Foster is building a Mk2 Escort with a SBD 307bhp Duratec engine.
Tony Paxman
Tony Paxman's Ford Mk2 Zakspeed Escort is powered by 2.3L Warrior engine
Paul Torkington
Paul Torkington's Escort Mk2 is finally finished after 11 years hard work
Greg McKnight
Greg McKnight won the 2014 Scottish Forest 1600 championship and also secured the Scottish Junior Championship
Kester Cook
Kester Cook's Ford Fiesta Mk6 has a 2.0L Duratec with 240bhp, he is competing in the CSCC Tin Tops Race Series.
Paul Alexander. Picture:Malcolm Almond
Paul Alexander's Mk2 Escort is Duratec powered with our 290+bhp kit along with MBE9A4 ECU.
Richard Coles
Richard Coles' Mk2 Cortina has our MBE9A4 ECU controlling its 1.8L black top Zetec engine.
Peter Taylor-Medhurst
Peter Taylor-Medhurst wanted a Westfield/Vauxhall friendly company to sort out his car & was recommended SBD by fellow members in the Surrey Westfield Sports Car Club
Richard Cox
Richard Cox takes his home built Westfield to a storming finish. Winning the class 8 category of the '99 C.C.C sprint championship.
Ian Lord
Ian Lord's car has been on the road for three years now, and has covered several thousand miles.
Dave Bone
Dave Bone has gradually upgraded his 2.0L Vauxhall powered Westfield over the last 10 years.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith started with our TP208 kit in 1999 and upgraded both the engine & his Westfield, becoming the overall winner of the Westfield Speed Series 2006.
Brian Jones; picture Kim Kingham
Brian Jones has changed from carburettors to our taper throttle body kit on 1.6L VX engine.
Peter Hayter
Peter Hayter's Westfield has nothing left from the original car apart from the gear lever!!
Chris Jones
Chris Jones started with a cross-flow engine & changed to our Taper throttle body kit to go faster.
Mark Perks
Mark Perks has been enjoying driving his 220bhp Vauxhall powered Westfield.
Mark Stanton
Mark Stanton, chairman of the WSCC has our TP164 kit on his Westfield.
Dave Oldale
Dave Oldale emailed to let us know how he was doing.
Alan & Philip Wood
Philip, Alan & Stuart Wood recently changed their RCL Westfield SEI to Duratec power.
Garry Dickson
Garry Dickson running 1.6L Vauxhall powered Westfield was Winner of the Scottish Sprint C/ship 2006 & Top Modified Sports Car driver in Scottish Hillclimb C/ship 2006.
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas had one of our first MT196 kits fitted to his Westfield 11 years ago, he recently rung up to say it was still going well.
Mark Lees
Mark Lees was very pleased with his Westfield after we installed a 2.0L XE with taper throttle body kit.
Matt Hilliam. Picture:Steve Wilkinson
Matt Hillam has been running our 225+bhp Taper Throttle kit on his Westfield with great success. He is now driving our SBD Westfield.
Andy Dunbar:picture Kim Kingham
Andy Dunbar saw us at Pembrey to let us know how pleased he was with his taper throttle body kit.
Rob Quick
Rob Quick was stunned by the performance of his new Westfield with our TP225 kit.
Paul Ashwick
Paul Ashwick recently upgraded his TP208 kit to the TP235 kit & was extremely pleased with the results & service.
Peter McClenaghan
Peter McClenaghan's 2.0L XE powered Westfield is an absolute dream to drive.
Aris Tsagrakis
Aris Tsagrakis competes his 2.0L XE powered Westfield in Greek sprints.
Antony Orchard.
Antony Orchard reset his class record at Gurston Down 3 times in 2011.
Adrian Clinton Watkins
Adrian Clinton Watkins won the WSCC Speed Series Championship 2014 with his 1.8L Duratec powered Westfield
Keith Adams
Keith Adams bought Matt Hillam's Westfield in 2013 and is getting ready for the beginning of the 2014 season.
Andy Stokes
Andy Stokes is looking forward to many more years competition with his SBD powered 7.
Simon Braithwaite
Simon Braithwaite's Super 7 started with a Ford 1700cc BDA engine, now has a Vauxhall 2.0L XE with SBD MT196 kit.
Graham Ford
Graham Ford's Caterham has upgraded from a cross flow to run the 2.0L Vauxhall XE engine with our TP290+ kit.
Paul Deslandes
Paul Deslandes' 2.0L Vauxhall powered Caterham Super 7. Nearly 10 years of SBD support and still trying to go faster!
Stephen Mell
Stephen Mell's Vauxhall powered Caterham 7 is now a 'rip snorting beast'
Darren Luke
Darren Luke's Hayabusa powered Caterham with SBD throttle bodies
Andrew Griffiths
Andrew Griffiths has our MBE management system & other parts in his hayabusa powered Caterham
Simon Rogers, Meteor Motorsport
Simon Rogers, Meteor Motorsport has our MBE9A4 ECU on his Hayabusa powered Caterham
Karl Johnson
Karl Johnson has our MBE9A4 and high specification camshafts on his 2.0L Duratec powered Caterham Superlight
Gregor Mauderli
Gregor in Switzerland let us know that his new Duratec engine runs on the first Key-turn.
Team Lindgren
Team Lindgren driver Steffen Hansen is the 2015 Danish Seven Champion
Other Makes
Joe Toakley Mini C20XE
Joe Toakley emailed to thank us for helping him create his dream mini.
Colin Early Darrian T9
Colin Early's Darrian T9 is running our 1996 Westfield 2.0L XE engine & it's still going well.
Tom Williams
Tom Williams emailed us with details of his 2.0L XE powered Lotus 23B that he built.
Steve Mills & Sandra Bagley
Steve Mills & Sandra Bagley's Special were at the Autosport International Live Action Arena Show 2006
Luego Sports Cars
Luego Sports Cars have installed a 2.0L XE into one of their cars & let us know it gave a terrific drive.
Boisen Motorsport
Boisen Motorsport in Denmark, who has a peugeot 205, with an 1600 cm3 engine, and a MBE967E for motor management
Jon Crofts
Jon Crofts MK Indy running 2.0 XE with SBD Throttle Body kit & management system.
Claus Jenson, Suzuki Motorsport
Claus Jenson, Suzuki Motorsport, Denmark runs MBE9A4 with Group N Rally cars
Jeremy Straker
Jeremy Straker won the 2012 TRS (Essex) Ltd Brands Hatch Stage Rally with his brother, Mark.
Mark Straker
Mark Straker just got a hat trick of rally wins with his Darrian T90 using our MBE9A9 management system
Tim and Josh Simpson
Tim and Josh Simpson emailed to thank us for excellent advice and parts for Tim's Sunbeam and Josh's Autograss car
Rhidian Daniels
Rhidian Daniels emailed to thank us for supplying an engine that does what it says on the box.
Rob James
Rob James' pride & joy Peugeot 205 1.9GTi now has MBE9A4 ECU and is even nicer to drive.
Jamie Packham, Jtech
Jamie Packham of Jtech Automotive BMW M3 E46 racecar is using our MBE9A9 for engine & electronic throttle control.
Col Fletcher
Col Fletcher built his C20XE powered Holden Gemini RS from scratch.
Single Seater Cars
Trevor Wills
Trevor Willis, British Hillclimb Champion 2012 - 2.6L V8 Hayabusa powered OMS25, running SBD parts & MBE9A9 management systems.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith's 'Orville', turned red when it became powered by an SBD 2.0L Duratec 307bhp engine.
Steve Miles
Steve Miles has joined the 'SBD family' with his SBD Duratec powered Van Dieman.
Bill Gouldthorpe. Picture:Steve Miles
Bill Gouldthorpe bought our SBD OMS with an upgraded 1300cc Hayabusa engine to use in the Sprint Championships.
Malcolm Oastler
Malcolm Oastler won the 2015 NSW Hillclimb Championship with his turbo Hayabusa powered OMS28
Dave & Scott Pillinger
Dave & Scott Pillinger are pleased with their supercharged Hayabusa powered DSP
Matt Hillam
Matt Hillam's Dallara is now SBD XE powered and Steve is sharing the drive.
Jason Mourant
Jason Mourant is enjoying his Radical 3.2LV8 powered OMS25, which is running our MBE9A9 for EGAS, gearbox, traction and launch control
Simon Clemow
Simon & Martin Clemow's Force PT is powered by 1400cc Hayabusa engine with SBD Taper throttle bodies
Malcolm Boorman and Bill Johnson
Malcolm Boorman & Bill Johnson upgraded their OMS2000M's 1300cc Hayabusa engine to 1340cc.
Gary Thomas
Gary Thomas had a great start to the 2015 season with FTD at Rockingham Sprint
Roy Barksfield
Rob Barksfield's Suzuki powered PCD Saxon was converted to full EMS in 2002, read the full story behind the development of this ultra-light car
Pat Roche Aug 2006, picture courtesy of Steve Wilkinson
Pat Roche's OMS with Suzuki 1500 Hayabusa engine with our specially developed management system, our new design of fuel rail and uprated injectors.
Bill Gouldthorpe, picture courtesy of Kim KIngham
Bill Gouldthorpe had a 2.0L Duratec powered Van Dieman RF96M with our 270+bhp kit.
Henryk Kozlowski
Henryk Kozlowski is pleased with his trickshifter gear change system on his Yamaha powered Jedi Mk1
Eynon Price
Eynon Price has switched his SBD Suzuki Hayabusa 1600cc to his new Force PC for the 2009 season
James Williams
James Williams rebuilt his Extreme-SBD 1585cc engine & put it into his new Force PC for the 2012 season
Will Hall at Curborough
Will Hall with his Mistral built 1585cc Hayabusa engine powered Force PC
Kevin Lealan
Kevin Lealan was pleased with the help we gave at Pembrey to his 2.0L XE powered Lotus VFL
Nick Algar
Nick Algar ran our MBE992 on his 1600cc Mistral Busa engine powered DJ Racecar winning British Sprint C/ship 2008 1600cc Racing Car Class.
Nigel Morris
Nigel Morris is very pleased with our engine management & gearbox control system on his DJ Firehawk.
William Loughridge
William Loughridge won the 2008 Miller Oils N.Ireland Hillclimb c'ship with our 1397cc Hayabusa installed in his Force pt
Sports Cars
Mike Field
Mike Field won his first 2 races at Brands Hatch with his Hayabusa powered Stohr
Joacir A Stedile
Joacir A Stedile& his brothers had recently won the longest race in Brazil (12 HOURS OF TARUMA)
Craig Fleming
Craig Fleming has been winning with his Duratec powered Juno
Lynx AE
Lynx AE are using the Suzuki 1300cc Hayabusa with our management system in their LR1300 chassis
GP São Paulo
Italo Carrareto of Import Parts in Brazil sent us photos of some of the cars he supplies parts to.
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