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Antony Orchard - Westfield
Gurston Down Hillclimb 21.4.12 1st in Class - 32.08s
Gurston Down Hillclimb 22.4.12 1st in Class - 36.88s
Gurston Down Hillclimb 27.5.12 1st in Class - 31.77s

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Antony Orchard at Gurston.
Antony Orchard Hayabusa turbo charged Westfield Antony Orchard with his hayabusa powered Westfield, which this year is turbo charged. He is still getting to grips with it, we helped him out with some of the software during the Gurston Down May meeting. He is also struggling with the air intake temperature which is higher than he’d like it to be which is dropping off his engine’s performance but we’re sure it won;t take him long to get to grips with it. We are also working on also refining the traction control so he can take full advantage of the huge amounts of power his engine will be able to produce when everything is going as Antony would like.

Even with a few gremlins that Antony was suffering from, he managed to get it all right on his last run to take the class win with 31.77s

Antony Orchard at Gurston. Email from Antony Orchard, December 2011

Many thanks to Steve and the team at sbdmotorsport for all their help in developing my hayabusa engine, enabling me to reset my class record (modprod sports up to 1400) at Gurston Down 3 times in 2011 in 31.52 seconds. Also a win at the national event in August in the up to 2000 class.

Thanks also for the enthusiasm for my new project!


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