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Aris Tsagrakis - Westfield & Tigra

Aris emailed us in June 2015 with some up to date pictures and a new dyno graph after he remapped his engine with Steve’s email & telephone assistance.

Aris commented on our Facebook post, June 2015: "Now its 500 at 1.7bar so this Gt2876 its done.395 was with the 63lb injectors and the withe 83lb ones raised the boost.Actually took it higher that it will suposse to produce thanks to Sb Developments and Spartalis Bros.Thank u all !!!"

Aris Tsagrakis, June 2015
Aris Tsagrakis, June 2015 Aris Tsagrakis, dyno graph June 2015
After several years of playing with the Tigra, Aris decided he would like to play with something lighter & faster so bought a Westfield chassis & built a 2.0L 16v XE engine into a turbo version. We helped him out with some of the mechanical components & all of the electronics.
Aris Tsagrakis 2.0L XE powered Westfield
Aris Tsagrakis Westfield dyno graph He emailed us to say that 'the westy has with the gt2876, at 0.45 bar 270hp, and at not even 1.1bar, 395hp.'
Aris Tsagrakis 2.0L XE powered Westfield Aris Tsagrakis 2.0L XE powered Westfield

Aris Tsagrakis Tigra Aris emailed say the 'Tigra was Vauxhall 1.6L with 32kgr torque at 1,45 bar. and then stroked the same engine to 1.8 with x18xe1 crank and custom CP pistons, but never dyno it but was even more mental with the same turbo the 1.6 had, a T28rs.'

Steve flew to Athens especially to program the 1.6L engine for Aris. The engine was mapped on the road & rolling road, once finished Steve said it was the nicest turbo car that he'd ever mapped. It was beautifully smooth & torquey producing good throttle response.

Aris Tsagrakis Tigra
2.0L Vauxhall Kits & Components
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