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Bill Gouldthorpe
SBD OMS - 2011 onwards
Van Dieman RF96M up to September 2010
For more about Bill Gouldthorpe, please see our new website

Bill is enjoying being back racing this season, he has competed at Goodwood and at Snetterton.

5 Aug Goodwood, Eagle Sprint 3rd in Class - 86.18s
29 July Castle Combe 2nd in Class - 62.74s
9 July Blyton Park 4th in Class - 77.32s
8 July Blyton Park 5th in Class - 71.48s
10 June Abingdon CAR-inval 2nd in Class - 95.15s
4 June Pembrey, New Track 3rd in Class - 121.72s
3 June Pembrey 3rd in Class - 110.65s

Bill at Snetterton, May 2017. Picture:Kim Broughton

Bill Gouldthorpe at Snetterton, May 2017
Bill Gouldthorpe testing at Curborough, March 2017

Bill has recovered from his treatment last year and is raring to begin this season's racing. He began with a test at Curborough in March 2017, where him & Carole Torkington spent the day testing his SBD OMS CF06 with MBE9A9 ECU, which controls the engine with electronic throttle/EGAS, traction control, launch control, paddle shift gearbox control which has been updated this  year from a total loss system to run a new light weight compressor with a new strategy to power the gear change.

Picture:Kim Broughton

Bill, who has been having cancer treatment all year and been unable to compete until now and wanted to do this event as his only event for the 2016 season. Super pleased with his day, unfortunately he blasted the noise meters and had forgotten to bring the bracket to mount his extra exhaust box, so was unable to do the 3rd timed run. He finished 7th Overall with 87.60s. He now can’t wait for next season and should be a lot stronger and fitter by then, so good luck to Bill for next season. SBD Report

Bill at Goodwood, Sept 2016.
Picture:Kim Broughton

Bill Gouldthorpe at Goodwood, Sept 2016
Bill Gouldthorpe at Castle Combe March 2015

Events 2015

Bill finished 1st in 1600cc Racing Car Class in the British Sprint Championship 2015.

Bill at Castle Combe, March 2015. Picture:Kim Broughton

4.10.15 Anglesey International/Costal 1st in Class - 143.30s SBD Report
3.10.15 Anglesey National 1st in Class - 107.02s
7.9.15 Brighton Speed Trials 2nd in Class, 3rd in Top 6 Run-off - 10.97s SBD Report
14.6.15 Anglesey National 1st in Class 106.47s SBD Report
13.6.15 Anglesey International 1st in Class 86.03s
30.5.15 Pembrey 1st in Class 101.06s, 12th in Top 12 Run-0ff - 101.77s
SBD Report
BMSA: Saturday, Sunday
31.5.15 Pembrey 2nd in Class 106.01s, 9th in Top 12 Run-off - 107.24s
17.5.15 Snetterton Sunday - 91.65s
SBD Report, BMSA Report
16.5.15 Snetterton Saturday - 92.40s
25.4.15 Goodwood 4th Overall - 80.86s SBD Report
21.3.15 Castle Combe (1.75 lap) 2nd in Class - 133.45s, 9th in Top 12 Run off - 136.20s SBD Report, BMSA Report

Events 2014

Bill at Castle Combe, March 2014. Picture:Kim Broughton

Bill has a 1585cc Hayabusa engine for the 2014 season.

Bill at Castle Combe March 2014
22.3.14 Castle Combe (1.75 lap) 2nd in Class - 131.27s SBD Report, Photos, BMSA Report
21.4.14 Croft 2nd in Class - 84.35s SBD Report, Photos, BMSA Report
17.5.14 Snetterton Saturday - 95.76s. Unfortunately the drive shaft snapped on the last run on Saturday, so Bill and Carole were unable to compete on Sunday. SBD Report, Photos
18.5.14 Snetterton BMSA Reports: Saturday, Sunday
31.5.14 Pembrey 2nd in Class - 108.93s SBD Report,
1.6.14 Pembrey 1st in Class - 105.71s BMSA Reports: Saturday, Sunday
7.6.14 Anglesey - International

1st in Class - 94.73s

SBD Report,
8.6.14 Anglesey - National 1st in Class - 110.43s BMSA Reports: Saturday, Sunday
26.7.14 Castle Combe (0.75 lap) 2nd in Class - 60.34s SBD Report
2.8.14 Goodwood 4th in Class - 82.76s SBD Report
4.10.14 Anglesey - National 1st in Class - 55.10s SBD Report
5.10.14 Anglesey - International

1st in Class - 91.01s

HSA British Sprint Championship reports
Bill Gouldthorpe at Castle Combe March 2013

Left - Bill at Castle Combe March 2013. Picture:Kim Kingham

Below - Bill at Snetterton May 2013. Picture:Kim Kingham

Bill at Snetterton May 2013
23 March 2013 Castle Combe (1.75 lap) 1st in Class - 146.58s, 7th in Top 12 run-off Photos, BSMA Report
6 April 2013 Lydden 73.16s Photos, SBD Report
27 April 2013 Goodwood 2nd Overall - 149.21s Photos, SBD Report
19 May 2013 Snetterton 91.28s Photos
1 June 2013 Pembrey 3rd in Class - 104.94s Photos
2 June 2013 Pembrey 3rd in Class - 103.58s SBD Report
8 June 2013 Anglesey - International 2nd in Class - 85.78s Photos
9 June 2013 Anglesey - National 2nd in Class - 105.36s SBD Report
15 June 2013 Goodwood FTD - 77.76s
22 June 2013 Castle Combe 3rd Overall, 2nd in Class - 58.36s SBD Report, Photos
6 July 2013 Kirkistown 10th in Top 12 run-off 95.30s BMSA Report
7 July 2013 Kirkistown 12th in Top 12 run-off 124.17s BMSA Report
27 July 2013 Knockhill 10th in Top 12 run-off 101.18s BMSA Report
28 July 2013 Knockhill BMSA Report
5 October 2013 Anglesey - National 3rd in Class 53.84s, SBD Report
6 October 2013 Anglesey - International 3rd in Class 87.42s, SBD Report
24 March 2012 Castle Combe (1.75 lap) 2nd in Class - 130.48s
9 June 2012 Pembrey 113.25s Photos
10 June 2012 Pembrey 3rd in Class - 106.37s
16 June 2012 Goodwood FTD - 82.01s
23 June 2012 Castle Combe (3/4 lap) 2nd in Class, 3rd Overall - 62.03s Photos
4 August 2012 Goodwood 2nd Overall - 78.43s Photos
1 Sept 2012 Anglesey 1st in Class - 116.77s

Bill at Castle Combe March 2012. Picture:Kim Kingham

Bill Gouldthorpe at Castle Combe March 2012
Bill Gouldthorpe at Curborough 2012. Picture:Steve Miles

Bill was out testing at Curborough in February 2012 getting the feel of his OMS with his new 1400cc engine, traction control, launch control to be ready for the coming season. Carole Torkington will be sharing his car at some events.

Pictures courtesy of Steve Miles

Bill Gouldthorpe at Curborough 2012. Picture:Steve Miles
Bill has bought the SBD OMS with a standard 1300cc engine, so watch out for updates as the season progresses.
Abingdon CAR-nival 11.6.11 2nd in Class - 100.07s

Bill has sold his car to Steve Miles (Moleracing) & it will be out competing next season 2011 with new body work. Bill will be share-driving for the Tunbridge Wells sprint at Goodwood & for the Brighton Speed Trials. He is also planning to compete in his GT40.

Steve was impressed with the Duratec engine after Bill beat him at Goodwood earlier this year, a special sticker was produced as proof!!

Steve will be keeping us updated with the car's progress.

Offical Mole Kill at Goodwood!!

Bill Gouldthorpe's 270+bhp Duratec engine

Bill at the Brighton Speed Trials 2010. Picture:Kim Kingham

Bill Gouldthorpe at Brighton Speed Trials 2010

Bill has upgraded his 2.0L Ford Duratec to our 270+bhp taper throttle kit with dry sump kit. Once again he brought the car to our workshop to fine-tune the new engine.

Bill at Pembrey June 2010

Bill at Pembrey, June 2010. Picture:Kim Kingham

For more pictures of Bill's car see

15.5.10 Goodwood Sprint FTD - 81.11s
26.6.10 Tunbridge Wells 2 lap sprint Goodwood FTD - 159.00s
7.8.10 Goodwood Sprint FTD - 81.03s
26.4.08 Goodwood, Regis Sprint FTD - 82.80s
10.5.08 Goodwood Sprint FTD - 81.50s
7.6.08 Abingdon Carnival Sprint 1st in Class, 3rd Overall - 91.66
2.8.08 Goodwood Sprint FTD - 82.44s
13.9.08 Brighton Speed Trials 1st in Class - 10.97s

Shown right is Bill at Pembrey Sprint in May 2008.
Picture:Kim Kingham

Bill at Pembrey May 2008. Picture:Kim Kingham

Bill was interviewed for his local paper, the Basingstoke Gazette in the August 27 issue:Basingstoke Gazette August 27

Young-at-heart Bill Gouldthrope is a speed demon at the tender at of seventy-something. The retired lorry driver can be found most weekends driving his Duratec Van Dieman at up to 160mph in his chosen sport - sprint racing. The Basingstoke resident used to do vintage ploughing at the sedate pace of 5mph, but now, thanks of his supercar, which can create out 275bhp, he is more used to travelling a speeds into three figures.

His route to one of the least-knowns form of motorsport hegan when he helping out as a mechanic in the 1960s for local racer Roy Adlam. a garage owner in the town. He then moved behind the wheel, first in karting and then in a Sierra Cosworth.

His first sprint event, some 20 years ago, was at Goodwood, and since then he has gone from strength to strength. The Sussex track still remains his favourite and he now laps the 2.4-mile circuit in a time of 81 seconds, which gave him the Fastest on the Day Trophy at the Goodwood Sprint earlier this year. The driver competes right across the country in the British Sprint Championships, and he also takes part in the Southern Championships and drives at places such as Castle Combe, Stowe and Pembrey.

As you speak to the very likeable man, you can sense his enthusiasm for the sport. He said, "It is a great feeling travelling at these speeds and my car is just brilliant. It goes even better in the wet. I think doing this keeps me feeling young, and I remember a youngster who was driving a GT Porsche. He was expecting to beat me, but on that occasion I was quicker than him. I could see he was not happy about it."

Like a lot of sportsmen, he is very superstitious and always get into the race cockpit from the same side. He joked: "I don't know when it started, but I always climb in from the right and also always wear the same underpants - washed of course."

If you wish to see Gouldthorpe & his superb car in action, you can do so at the National Speed Trials being held in Maderia Drive, in Brighton on Saturday, September 13. This is Britian's oldest motor racing event and was first staged in 1905. Talking about the event, the Basingstoke driver said: "It is a great atmosphere and the chance to see a lot of cars close-up and in action. I look forward to the event every year."

Bill Gouldthorpe

In 2005 to 2007 season Bill's car was powered by a 2.0L Ford Duratec with our Taper Throttle 214bhp kit, shown right & below testing the car outside our workshop in February 2005

Bill Gouldthorpe
Bill Gouldthorpe at Goodwood on 30 April 2005

His first event this season was at Brands Hatch achieving 8th overall out of approx 90 cars in 84 seconds

Bill at Goodwood on 30 April 2005

Bill Gouldthorpe
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