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Brian Jones - Westfield

We saw Brian at Castle Combe, where he had finally managed to get an entry after 5 years of trying.

Castle Combe 22 March 2014 3rd in Class - 152.73s
Pembrey 31 May 2014 3rd in Class - 124.00s
Pembrey 1 June 2014 3rd in Class - 123.52s
Abingdon CAR-nival 7 June 2014 3rd in Class - 100.39s

Brian at Castle Combe, March 2014. Picture:Kim Broughton

Brian Jones at Castle Combe March 2014
Brian Jones at Pembrey June 2013

We caught up with Brian at Pembrey, June 2013 where he was still enjoying the Westfield, he was 3rd in Class on Saturday & Sunday with 119.68s & 118.19s respectively.

Brian on Sunday, more pictures on SBD Motorsport Photobucket. Picture:Kim Kingham

Pembrey 4 June 201 3rd in Class - 116.33s
Pembrey 5 June 2011 4th in Class - 116.85s
Abingdon CAR-nival 11 June 2011 2nd in Class - 98.94s

Brian at Pembrey June 2011. Picture: Kim Kingham

Brian at Pembrey June 2011
Brian at Curborough
Pembrey 7 June 2009 1st in Class - 120.82s
Pembrey 31.5.08 1st in Class - 121.73s
Pembrey 1.6.08 1st in Class - 53.96s
Wiscombe 'Five Clubs' 6.9.08 1st in Class - 52.05s
Wiscombe 'Five Clubs' 7.9.08 1st in Class - 46.65s
Brian Jones 1.6L VX engine

In 2007 Brian Jones changed from carburettors to our taper throttle body kit & has been really pleased with the results. Apparently the throttle bodies spent Christmas on the mantelpiece being admired!!

He got 2nd in Class on both days at Pembrey 2007 with the following times; Saturday:119.77 seconds & Sunday:52.47 seconds

Brian Jones Westfield
Brian Jones power graph Graph from Interpro Automotive in Bristol when his Westfield on put on the Rolling Road on 26 May 2007, achieving 193.5bhp.

Left is Brian at Pembrey on 3rd June 2007:Picture Kim Kingham

Llandow 21.7.07 1st in Class - 87.44 seconds
Brian Jones at Pembrey, picture Kim Kingham
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