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Brighton Speed Trials 8 September 2007
SBD Motorsport had a very successful Brighton Speed Trials with Peter Hayter, Steve Broughton & Dick Hulbert all qualifying for the Top 6 Run-off, as well as all breaking the class record on the 2nd timed run.

Our 2.0L Duratec powered Westfield (engine shown below producing 283bhp, 192lbft) was competing with Dick Hulbert & Carole Torkington sharing the drive. SBD's Steve Broughton was sharing Peter Hayter's XE powered Westfield, it's developmental engine producing 292bhp & 197lbft torque.

Road going & Modified Production Car Class - top 5 places to SBD powered cars
1st Peter Hayter 2.0L VX Westfield 10.56s New Class Record
2nd Steve Broughton 2.0L VX Westfield 10.65s
3rd Dick Hulbert 2.0L Duratec Westfield 10.68s
4th Carole Torkington 2.0L Duratec Westfield 11.72s
5th Paul Deslandes 2.0L VX Caterham 12.56s
SBD Duratec Westfield engine
Peter Hayter at Brighton Speed Trials, picture dbphotos Carole at the start line, picture dbphotos
Peter Hayter at the start line, qualified 2nd overall, 1st in class with a new class record. Picture:dbphotos
Carole at the start line. Picture:dbphotos.
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