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Colin Early - Darrian T9
Colin's Darrian went to a new home in April 2017
Colin Early at Pembrey June 2013

Colin was 1st in Class at Castle Combe June 2013 with 68.56s SBD Report, Photos

Colin at Pembrey, June 2013 showing off the Darrian's new bodywork. He was 4th in the Sport Libre class on both Saturday & Sunday with 125.65s & 124.84s respectively.

Colin on Sunday, more pictures on SBD Motorsport Photobucket. Picture:Kim Kingham

24 March 2012 Castle Combe (1.75 lap) 2nd in Class - 141.53s
9 June 2012 Pembrey 2nd in Class - 121.99s Photos
10 June 2012 Pembrey 1st in Class - 117.50s
23 June 2012 Castle Combe (3/4 lap) 1st in Class - 67.87s
22 July 2012 Blyton Park 3rd in Class - 69.41s
1 Sept 2012 Anglesey 3rd in Class - 118.85s
2 Sept 2012 Anglesey 4th in Class - 99.72s

Colin at Castle Combe March 2012. Picture:Kim Kingham

Colin Early at Castle Combe 12 March 2012
Colin at Lydden August 2009
Events 2011
Pembrey 4.6.11 1st in Class - 124.24s
Pembrey 5.6.11 1st in Class - 121.26s
Abingdon CAR-nival 11.6.11 1st in Class, 8th Overall - 96.12s
Castle Combe Aug11 1st in Class - 78.54s
Castle Combe Oct11 1st in Class - 85.43s
Events 2010
Castle Combe 27.3.10 1st in Class - 149.76s
Colerne 3.5.10 1st in Class - 80.75s
Pembrey 5.6.10 1st in Class - 124.24s
Pembrey 6.6.10 1st in Class - 124.10s
Castle Combe 16.10.10 FTD
Colin at Lydden, August 2009. Picture:Kim Kingham

Colin Early - formerly known as Captain Birdseye - sprints in a Darrian T9. The engine was originally in our 1996 Westfield, it's taper throttle body kit has been upgraded to 285bhp with dry sump system, steel crank, long rods & slipper pistons. It is still running faultlessly.

View 270bhp Taper throttle kit

Colin Early 2.0L XE engine
Castle Combe 28.6.08 2nd in Class - 71.02s
Colerne 25.8.08 1st in Class - 81.01s
Colin at Brighton Speed Trails 2005 Colin at the Brighton Speed Trials in September 2005.
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