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Craig Fleming
Juno Sports Proto, 2.0L Duratec
Escort, 2.0L Duratec

Craig Fleming who normally races his sportscar in the BRSCC OSS Championship, decided he liked the idea of getting an Escort rally car. His Escort is powered by a 2.0L Duratec with our 290+bhp kit and has a MBE9A4 ECU with flat shift and electric water pump control.

He emailed us after his 3rd rally at Donnington Dukeries Rally.'We’ve done 3 rallies in the car now and won our class each time, finished 4th overall in first 2 events and then 5th overall at the Dukeries. Car is running a Drenth DG400 Gearbox with MBE flat shift control etc.'

Craig Fleming Escort Craig Fleming, Escort Duratec 290+bhp engine

Craig had taken a year off from Sportscar racing to compete in Production GTi Championship. The engine now fully rebuilt and re-installed in the Juno by Alex, (Craig's brother). Team Fleming have now taken the car to Donington Park for a pre-season shake down in preparation for the BRSCC OSS Championship 2016. Craig from SBD had gone along to update the ECU to the latest software and implement improvements for the test and also carry out some fine tuning of the engine map on track. Additional equipment was added to the MBE9A4 to provide wide band lambda input for the ECU to use to self adjust whilst on circuit. Craig would then check the data throughout the day, carrying out small adjustments sending data back to the workshop for Steve to verify. Upgrades to the power shift software allowed for smoother and quicker gear changes. In general the test went very well, particularly due to the fact that it was the first time for the car and Craig together for over a year and Craig is looking forward to the beginning of the race season. Craig Fleming
Craig Fleming



Email received from Craig Fleming in June 2014:

On purchasing our Juno Sports Proto, it already had a 250BHP specification Duratec fitted, however we quickly realised that to get to the front of Class B in the BRSCC OSS Championship we were going to need to develop the car and part of this was a re-think on the engine. We approached SBD with our requirements for a high specification Duratec. Having purchased the engine we encountered some problems caused by the packaging of the engine in such a car but have worked with SBD to overcome these and it has resulted in us running at the front of our Championship.

SBD work on 'V8 kills' in their sprint championship and we like to try and achieve the same beating the unlimited Class A cars in our championship. In the 16 races we have competed in we have won 8 outright and won our class on 12 occasions with 12 outright pole positions. Our quest to keep improving things continues, but having an engine that on the Dyno produces exactly what we were told it would is certainly key to our progress.


You can read more about the car and their events on their website -

Craig Fleming
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