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Darren Luke - Caterham
Prescott 28.4.13 1st in Class, New Class Record - 43.97s
Prescott 2.9.12 1st in Class - 44.38s
Shelsley Walsh 19.8.12 1st in Class, New Class Record - 29.38s
Prescott 24.6.12 1st in Class - 45.16s
Gurston Down Hillclimb 27.5.12 1st in Class, New Class Record - 31.66s
Prescott Hillclimb 28/29.4.12 1st in Class - 52.50s

Darren now has a 1540cc Mistral built Hayabusa in his Caterham, still running our our 48mm taper throttle bodies and MBE992 ECU. His car was performing perfectly taking the class win and breaking the class record by exactly a second in the process to 31.66s.

More photos are available on SBD Motorsport Photobucket account


Darren Luke, Hayabusa engine

Darren Luke Darren Luke's Caterham runs a 1396 hayabusa engine built by Rob at Mistral Performance. Darren originally added our ECU and wiring harness, the MBE992 which is a plug and play system. This, he said, made the engine extremely nice to drive and also made the installation easy for the people building his car. He then later added the tapered 48mm throttle body kit which we developed for the hayabusa and this he said made a significant improvement in performance in the mid range and top end.
Email received from Darren Luke about his Caterham Hayabusa:

Info on the car & me if of any interest/use!

Spec wise my Caterham Hayabusa has a Mistral tuned 1400cc motor with big valve head, gas flowed, race cams, SBD throttle bodies. The car was a new build by Force racing cars & Dave Kimberly (2006) incorporating plenty of carbon fibre for weight saving (430kg ready to race), Nitron suspension units, AP racing brakes etc.

Competing in the Caterham Sprint & Hillclimb Championship, finishing the season in 2nd place behind the rather rapid Brodie Branch with whom I now share a single seater Force PC car in the National Hillclimb Championship. We managed 1st & 2nd in class in our first season in the single seater (me in 2nd place again!), along with securing 1st & 2nd at every event entered, bar one which I crashed at during the practice day! (Shelsley Walsh)

Loton Park - 52.6 secs / Shelsley Walsh - 30.4 secs / Harewood - 57.3 secs.

Regards Darren Luke.

Darren Luke's hayabusa engine
Darren Luke
Prescott Hillclimb 29.6.08 1st in class, New class Record - 42.93s
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