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We supply MBE management systems & components to Damian of Daytuner Performance for many different projects.

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Daytuner Performance Daytuner Performance

March 2014: Graeme Bremner's 1300cc Hayabusa Turbo Garret GT 28 turbo MBE 9A4 ECU control, SBD carbon/alloy plenum fitted to Hayabusa throttle bodies. Amazing power delivery, flat torque delivery over a rev range of 4000 rpm an all round excellent package using SBD's parts and electronics.
Graeme Bremner 1300 Hayabusa Turbo Garret GT 28 Graeme Bremner 1300 Hayabusa Turbo Garret GT 28

Charlie & Justin Smith's OMS 25 with MBE9A9 ECU giving electronic-pneumatic gearbox control ,launch control and excellent power delivery.
Charlie & Justin Smith's OMS 25 Charlie & Justin Smith's OMS 25

February 2014: Jim Spencer's Raynard 883cc Kawasaki ZX10R 2009 FWD. Tuned motor brought to life by MBE 9A4 ECU. Remarkable 1 litre engine tune revving to 14000 rpm and producing superb power with fantastic driveability.
Jim Spencer's Raynard 883 Kawasaki ZX10R Jim Spencer's Raynard 883 Kawasaki ZX10R

Email received January 2014

Jonathan Gates`s Force LM runs full SBD Supercharger kit and arrived for mapping last year, its runs on super unleaded fuel and produces excellent linear power all the way to the top of its rev range. You would not know that this was such a powerful car when it is idling, but then it delivers a seamless power rush that belies the capacity of the engine.

Jonathan Gates Force LM

Greg McKnight Escort Mk2

Email received with pictures of Greg McKnight's Ford Escort Mk11 rally car.

Greg McKnight’s Ford Escort Mk 11 which came to have the engine started, run-in then mapped. The engine is a SBD Vauxhall 1600 including ultra light crankshaft, Omega pistons, SBD con-rods and running an MBE967 ECU, but everything on the car as far as I’m aware is SBD. It is a really good specification rally car and when the mapping was completed it started really well, idled well and went like the clappers.

The car is an MNR Vortex built by the customer Eddie Coxon, the Hayabusa engine has SBD parts including a dry sump kit and tank, electric water pump, SBD throttle bodies, 690 injectors, uprated oil pump gear and MBE9A4 ECU plus loom. Damian has mapped the car to go through the IVA emission test using closed loop narrow band lambda and now that it has passed, it has been remapped to achieve FULL POWER.

The customer is very happy and is planning further upgrades next year.

Eddie Coxon MNR Vortex Eddie Coxon MNR Vortex

Email received from Michael Smith, October 2013 who has an MBE9A4 ECU and wiring harness on his 2.0L Duratec Cosworth powered Westfield race car.

Hi, thanks for your help and technical support to Damian at Daytuner as he was sorting out running faults on my Westfield Cosworth Duratec race car
with an MBE management system. When I got the car back and took it to Harewood speed hill climb for the last meeting of the season, it ran well and
put in a 59.6 second run, 103mph through the speed trap.

Thanks again
Michael Smith.

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