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Gary Poole - Astra GTE 16v
The Astra and I have been partners in crime now for over ten years - half of that time it has served as main transport, and as such I have never really had the opportunity to carry out what I'd always wanted to. Things changed about 5 years ago - and rather than sell it on I decided it would stay and eventually become something I could wheel out on a dry weekend, with some occasional track time thrown in.

Recently, and with the rest of the car sorted, it was finally time to decide upon something a little more interesting to power it - forced induction would not really suit the chassis so on went SBD's popular 196 kit. Straight away the potential was obvious - but the original engine was a little tired after a hard life, so it was rebuilt and lost power regained - 18 months of remarkably trouble free motoring followed and not once did I fail to be impressed with way the engine delivered it's power.
Gary Poole
Gary Poole Nevertheless though, the ever present pull of more power beckoned, and after driving the car where it could be exploited, it seemed the chassis could handle some more. The 208 taper kit seemed a good choice for further upgradeability so despite the potential problems with clearance for fitment I placed an order, and would deal with and fouling issues when they arose. It was a pleasant surprise to find everything went on ok - close, but the right side of 'tight' - I've run the car in this state now for a few months and not had any trouble - engine mounts are reinforced as a precaution though.

Just as promised on spec, a noticeable hike in power was immediately obvious - most impressive though is the way the engine picks up from revs as low as 2500rpm, to the extent that quick progress can still be made - one gear lower than before.
Throughout, both kits have proved themselves to be simple to fit and setup, 100% reliable and very easy to live with. SBD's customer support is second to none - A theory I shall be testing once again early next year when one of the more serious spec kits is fitted!
Gary Poole
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