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Greg McKnight - Escort Mk2, 2.0L XE
Email received May 2015 from Greg after he had swapped his 1.6L Vauxhall engine for a 2.0L XE. We supplied all the main parts and advice, including pistons, rods, high spec intake system, drysump kit, pulleys, cams and valve train, his engine builder completed the port work himself.

Hi Craig,

Just sending you an email to thank you and all involved for supplying the parts to build my 2.0 Vauxhall engine and for the top notch advice!
We managed to get the engine completed and fitted in the car the night before we were booked into Daytuner for running in and mapping. The results were good, a lot more torque as my 1600 which makes it better to drive. Still very tractable also.
We made it to the rally a few days later and the engine was great, we led the 2.0 class all day and came home with maximum championship points. Just what was needed!
Here is a few pics and a video.

Thanks once again, Greg McKnight

Granite City Rally 2015 - YouTube Video
Granite City Rally 2015, SS3 & SS7 - YouTube Video

Greg McKnight

Greg McKnight

Email received from Greg in November 2014

Dear all at SBD,
Firstly, I would like to thank you for the great advice and service on top quality parts to build my 1600 Vauxhall Engine. The engine is simply awesome for a 1600. Damian from Daytuner Performance mapped the engine and his comment was "its a great little engine, it just wants to sing" He was absolutely right!
We have won the 2014 Scottish Forest 1600 championship and I also secured the Scottish Junior Championship. We have had some great results all year, beating a lot more modern machinery and a lot of 4wd cars along the way! Some of our best results this year has been, 14th Overall/1st in class on the RSAC Scottish Rally, 26th overall/1st in class on the Speyside Rally, 15th overall/2nd in class on the Merrick Rally, 17th overall/2nd in class on the Colin McRae Stages.

Spec of car -
Ford Escort MK2
Vauxhall 1600 16v, Ultralight Arrow Steel Crank, SBD rods, Omega pistons, Pace Dry Sump, oversize valves, SBD cams, Jenvey Throttle bodies, MBE 967 ECU.
Tractive 5 speed Sequential Gearbox with Geartronics Flatshift with 2 piece prop.
Fully Floating Twin Taper Atlas Axle, 5 linked using Watts Linkage, Bilstein suspension, AP 4 pot front brakes, AP CP2383 Rear brakes, Corsa EPAS.
Thanks again!
Regards, Greg McKnight

Greg McKnight
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