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Gregor - Caterham, 2.0L Duratec
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Gregor forwarded a pdf he created detailing his engine build. Gregor's engine build

Email received from Gregor, September 2014 after his engine has been on the rolling road:

Believe me, in my heart I am very pleased, it is such a nice feeling, I still almost can not believe it! But I wouldn't have reached this target without your and other friends help!
So I am very happy that I didn't waste the potential of all the great SBD parts.

But honestly, beside of the power figures, in the moments of the very first start on Monday and during the first 2 hours on the rolling road, I think I felt more like a father: "thank god the baby is healthy"

And then another 2 hours later: "and YESSS it is sooo strong..." :)

284 PS, 232 Nm
290 PS, 242 Nm

Sound: both sensational!!

Gregor's engine, August 2014

Email received August 2014 after Gregor had rebuilt his engine with our TP290 kit and new slipper pistons which should produce nearly 300bhp, he also installed the new custom made airbox to his engine:

I know, these pictures are not new for you at all - just wanted to say HELLO and THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

Gregor's engine, August 2014

Email from Gregor in September 2013

' I am doing extremely well in the moment, having my annually holidays, and spending these 2 weeks WITH my Caterham in SPAIN, at the Costa Brava. Mountain biking and Caterham driving - an absolutely GREAT Combination! :-))

The Cat runs slightly better due to the sea level, today I made a trip of 515km in 7hours, firing up 65 litres of 98 ROZ... Streets are extremely grippy and EMPTY, so the pleasure is enormous!

And the very best: smiling people all around due to the "Noise" of the SBD's Throttles... Sooooo great!'

Email received June 2013:

Runs on the first Key-turn!! :-))

Email received in February 2013 from Gregor in Switzerland who bought our high specification 2.0L Duratec kit for his Caterham.

Dear Steve

It was absolutely no problem to make such a nice installation with such a perfect kit… Every single part fitted perfectly!!

Today we merged chassis loom with engine loom, incl. All Gauges in the cockpit, wide band lambda, ventilators, alternator, direct cable to fuel pump (it is driven in the CSR separately). Tomorrow rolling road - I am curious like hell…

For sure I will picture everything and keeping you posted.

Best regards, Gregor

Gregor's Duratec engine
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