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GulfSport Racing, Dubai
Steve's visit in August 2016 to GulfSport Racing in Dubai

While Steve was working for GulfSport Racing, he had five cars to map and one of the cars was mapped twice with both pump and race fuel. The first car was started on Sunday morning and the final car was finished on Tuesday evening.

There were 4 Caterhams with different Duratec engine specifications ranging from 203bhp to 305bhp finishing off with a 2.0L XE Astra Mk3 powered by a SBD TP230 kit. All engines showed nice improvements in performance when the maps were optimised to the locally available pump fuel, the highest output coming from the 2.0L Duratec normally producing 293bhp but produced an increase to 305bhp when running VP109.

GulfSport Racing, Dubai Astra 2L XE TP230 kit GulfSport Racing, Dubai Caterham 2.3L Cosworth,MBE9A4
GulfSport Racing, Dubai Caterham 2L Duratec TP245 kit GulfSport Racing, Dubai Caterham 2L Duratec TP203 kit

The 1st car finished on Sunday night, Caterham Duratec 2.0L SBD TP293 Spec, engine equipped with full BTB exhaust system. Steve fine tuned the map on the MBE 9A4 ECU to suit the local pump fuel. The customer wanted to increase the performance above 300 BHP, so the fuel was the switched for VP MS109 Racing fuel and remapped. We saw an increase of 12 BHP, which works out to 305 BHP. The customer is very happy

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GulfSport Racing, Dubai

December 2015: We received an email from Gulfsport Racing in Dubai after Steve had carried out remote mapping of 2 cars.

'Al fresco mapping. Parked about 15kms from anything - in the desert with Steve clicking boxes 3500miles away!! Got to love 3G!'

Gulfsport, Dubai
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