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We export a lot of management systems & engine parts to Italo Carrareto of Import Parts in Brazil.

The following photos are from the III GP São Paulo 1000 km in Jan/19/2008.

GP São Paulo. Picture:Vinicius Nunes
GP São Paulo. Picture:Vinicius Nunes
GP São Paulo. Picture:Vinicius Nunes
Pictures courtesy of Vinicius Nunes

Bana Racing An email received from Renato Santos, Brazil:

I am of Brazil, I work in Bana racing team , where every team and I prepare a car piloted by Jair Bana and his son Eduardo Bana.

This car has the engine, a Vauxhall, and injection system MBE, components are purchased with Italo, its representative in Brazil.

In the past thousand miles of Brazil, had the pleasure of winning the victory in the category 3, and end only late in a Ferrari, getting to second place overall.

Vauxhall engine, a great engine.

MBE, a real injection system.

Another of his customers is Joacir A Stedile & his brothers
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