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James Williams - Force PC, Extreme-SBD
Dallara to 2011
Email received from James, April 2012:

Hi Steve,

Finally got the Force out testing yesterday with a freshly rebuilt Extreme 1585cc engine and all your kit including ECU, Loom, Dash, flatshift, throttle bodies etc etc. All ran fine. Starting seemed good even though it was cool (and wet!). The flatshift was working fine too. I would still like to come and bring the car to you – its just finding the time. But I will try to arrange something so I can get to you soon to get the latest updates.

Yet again, the SBD kit proves to be perfectly reliable. New car, rebuilt engine and still it just all works. Excellent piece of kit. Please find attached some pictures which you may use to update your customer car section of your web site if you wish to do so.

James Williams
James Williams Force PC, Extreme SBD James Williams Force PC, Extreme SBD

James has a Dallara with Suzuki hayabusa 1585cc with SBD throttle bodies, MBE9A4 ECU and wiring harness.

Update received from James, November 2010

I will dig out some pictures from the season but we had a good one. We got another 6th in class at Shelsley at our second meeting with the car so things went really well. We then had the failed starter issue at Loton Park. Extreme Engines were superb. We got the engine out on the Tuesday and got it over to them by Wednesday. On Sunday I went and collected the engine and got it all back in and together for Harewood the following weekend. We had never been to Harewood before, but came 11th in a 24 car class so I was pleased with that. Also, due to a smallish entry, we had 5 practice runs on Saturday plus another practice on Sunday and 2 timed runs. The car did 16 runs altogether with out a problem apart from melting the tyres!!

We were then back at Shelsley in August and Shelsley in September. We got second overall BTD at Shelsley (beating all the 2L cars) in September with a new personal best. I know this was only a club meeting, but we had some reasonable competition. One of the camera people there caught the runs and posted on You tube. Link here.

We finished the season back at Loton Park, but with the addition of Graeme Wight Jnr, Lee Adams and Jonathan Rarity alongside the rest of the 1600cc class, we were up against it. However, got close to my PB on old tyres so ended the season quite happy. Got a few mods for the winter and we are going to put it on the rolling road at HLM just to fine tune it.

Really happy with everything from SBD.

Apart from the starter issues– which have been my own fault, the whole engine/SBD/MBE package has been pretty much fault free. I would recommend it to anyone. I haven’t had to touch or change anything all season.

James Williams Dallara Email received from James, May 2010

Hi Steve,

Just thought I would pop you a note to say we shook down the Dallara yesterday. Everything ran perfectly – in fact one of the most trouble free test days I have had with an almost a new car! Many thanks for all your help and efforts. Both myself and Dad are really pleased with the performance and outcome of the installation.

I have attached some pictures of the installation and the finished car proudly sporting its SBD stickers.

Many thanks and regards,


Transmission and Mechanical Engineer
Mercedes GP

James is competing in the British Hillclimb Leaders and the Midland Hillclimb Championship in 2010. He let us know that they finished 6th in class at their first event at Loton Park at the weekend, so scored a Championship point in the first event & were very pleased.
James Williams Hayabusa 1585cc


James Williams Extreme SBD 1585cc Hayabusa
Hayabusa Kits & Components
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