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Jamie Packham, Jtech Automotive - BMW M3 E46
Jamie Packham, Jtech

Email received August 2016 from Jamie Packham of Jtech Automotive after 2 events in the 750 MC Club Enduro.

Hi Steve.

Hope your well. The M3 seems to be going well. We have had 2 wins in 2 races so far.  At Snetterton we qualified p2 for the 2 hour race with only one lap testing as the drenth broke a tooth on second gear so we had to rebuild it after night and go straight in qualifying. We then won our class and came second in circuit due to an untimely safety car.

At Silverstone we had a better meet. Qualifying on pole. And winning the race lights to flag by 3 mins and setting fastest lap. Massive team effort and special thanks everyone that's helped us this far. Including your self. Winter will see us develop the car and mapping/ systems further.  Thanks for all your help Steve. If you ever need the car for anything we would be more than happy to help.

Jamie's M3 E46 has an MBE9A9 ECU controlling the engine and electronic throttle with the option to run VANOS, but it is not currently enabled. The MBE9A9 also receives via CAN wheel speeds and slip from the BMW TEVES system.  It also controls the rain light and pit lane speed limiter.  The entire car wiring harness was built for Jtech by Simon of Sileck, which integrates all the car systems.

See more about this car at Jtech Automotive website

Jamie Packham, Jtech

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