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Joacir A. Stedile, Brazil
We received an email from Joacir in Oct 2008:

Dears Steve/Carole,
After four of the five races of the Brasilian Endurance Championship we already have the tittle. Last Sunday/28, after three hours of a tough race, we won in a great battle against 38 cars and inherited the Brazilian Title. All the Vauxhall parts that we bought from you did a great job again. Recently Italo ordered new parts that are for us. And we are thinking of making new improvements in the engine, so we will order some more soon. In the attached picture you can see the car, the team, the wifes, the kids and the trophies.
You can see something about the race at the following sites:

Best Regards
Joacir A. Stedile

Stedile brothers winning the Brazilian Endurance Championship
The car shown is a mid engined sports car, which is designed and built in Brazil.
We received an email from Joacir A Stedile after he & his brothers had recently won the longest race in Brazil (12 HOURS OF TARUMA)

The circuit is called Autodromo de Taruma and the track extension is 3.081 meters.

The three drivers were Fernando H. Stedile (shown right), Edemar "Nino" Stedile (shown below) and Joacir A. Stedile (shown below right).

Good to say that the team manager in the race was our 4st. brother Paulo T. Stedile
In fact we are Agronomist Engineers by profession and we work in the seed production field ( soybean, wheat and oat) and also with dairy cattle. But we race since 1979 for sport and all the work in the cars(we also have four Formulas VW) is made by ourselves and one employee of the farm. The shop is installed in the farm which is located in the southern state of BRAZIL called Rio Grande do Sul and the city name is Passo Fundo. We also have a dynamometer (Stuska) which is very useful.

Fernando H. Stedile
Edemar "Nino" Stedile By the way, we recently won the longest race in BRAZIL ( 12 HOURS OF TARUMA). It was a long race starting at midnight (December/18) and ending at noon. We started at 3th grid position , drop to 25th in the 1st lap(starting problem) and stepped up gradually until 2th at 11:15 hours of race. At this time we took the leadership until the checkered flag. Everybody asked about the mechanical features of the car and mainly what ECU we use. All the parts that we bought from you worked just fine.

Attached you can see two pictures. One of the car and the other are the pilots ( me with the white mustache and my two brothers Nino and Fernando).

It was great!

Joacir A. Stedile
Joacir A. Stedile
Winners of  the longest race in Brazil (12 HOURS OF TARUMA)
Email received from Joacir Stedile in 13th December 2006

Dears Steve/Carole,
We did it again. For the 2th. year in a row we won the longest race in BRAZIL the "12 HOURS OF TARUMA". Among 39 cars we started at 3th position at Midnight December/09 . Took the leadership at 02:00 AM and alternated this position with another car which is owned by a friend of us until 06:00 AM. At this point his engine failed and we were 16 laps ahead of the 2th. We only maintained the position saving the car and got the checkered flag at 12:00 AM 13 laps ahead of the 2th.

There were some cars achieving 270 km/h(turbos) in the main straight while ours could get only 215 km/h but you know that power in not the only one factor in a race like that. In practice we made 120 laps plus 510 laps in the race. As the track has 3.180 meters you can see that total covered distance was 2003 km. The race was great. All parts we bought from you worked just fine. We did not have any problem and did not removed the engine dash even a single time. I will contact you again soon because we are already thinking about the next season and in need of some parts for that. If you would like I can send some pictures as soon as I will get them in my hands.
Best Regards

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