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Johan Gronberg (JG Automotive) - Opel Kadett GSi 2.1L C20XE
Johan's Kadett was on show at Sweden's biggest indoor car show in March 2007. The car has been built for 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile racing (dragracing)
and is street legal.

Email received from Johan, June 2007:

As I only want high peak power, this 4-1 header is a better solution for me (dragracing), it made 260bhp and 248nm with 33/29 valves.
We have only been mapping it from 6000-8500rpm because there was no time for the low revs. (competition day after). The car feels really strong now.

I made 12.58sec with a bad 2.1sec 60 foot time (it was raining) and 181.5 km/h topspeed at 1/4mile
I am hoping for a high 11sec time with some better grip.
I have won every event except one in Sweden, the one I didn't win was because my flywheel bolts fell off =( but its ok now again. =)

I have a movie from the event:
and one from the dyno day:

Johan Gronberg at Swedish Indoor Show
You can also see some more pictures of my project thread at Swedens biggest car community: (it´s all written in Swedish, but the pictures are free for you to use, if you want at your webpage.

His 2.1L C20XE has been built with our 4th upgrade taper throttle kit although Johan arranged for the headwork to be done himself. He also has a dry sump system.

Johan Gronberg engine
Information received January 2008: Opel Kadett GSI 16v -89 (Vauxhall Astra mk2 GTE 16v)drysumped 260bhp 248nm N/A with 33/29 valve SBD powered c20xe engine and a custom made 4-1 3stepped race header. It has a Quaife close ratio straight cut gearbox with 4.50 final gear, Dot approved "street legal" MH 205/65R13 tyres, the car is street legal (taxed and MOTed) chassis are optimized for dragracing. best times:1/8mile: 7.70sec 152km/h1/4mile: 12.25sec 185km/hincar 1

Johan's car in Sweden 1/8mile @ Malmoe (my first ride with the car)

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