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John Hewat - Blaze Motorsport
We supply management systems & components to John Hewat of Blaze Motorsport for many different projects.

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John prepared Mike Field's Hayabusa powered Stohr which competes in the 750 Motor Club Bike Sports Championship.

Mike at Brands Hatch. Picture courtesy of Nicola Todd Photography

Mike Field at Brands Hatch April 2012. Picture:Nicola Todd Photography

Cobra Replica with a modern replica of a 1967 Ford V8 engine. John came to us because they were having difficulty getting it to past modern emissions with it's standard management system. We supplied them with a MBE9A9 twin wide band lambda sensors, they had a custom wiring harness made. The car was delivered to our workshop to set up initial idle & emission control, we also set up self mapping so the ECU would continually learn & adjust itself to optimize it's settings. Once this was carried out, John collected the car & changed the catalysts. The car then went easily through IVA, John taken to Andy at BD Engineering is his local rolling road where Steve optimised all the settings to achieve the best performance & emissions. Cobra Replica
Cobra Replica
Hawk 289 Cobra with a Ford V8, 5 litre capacity engine with aluminium cylinder heads using an MBE Management system.
Blaze Motorsport  Hawk 289 Cobra Blaze Motorsport Hawk 289 Cobra

Scott Nicholson Scott Nicholson's Ford Duratec V6 powered Aeon with MBE management system which Steve programmed at Bruntingthorpe in 2005.
Scott Nicholson
Scott Nicholson
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