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Nigel Morris - DJ Firehawk 1585cc Hayabusa
Nigel Morris at Loton Park, courtesy of Steve Wilkinson Nigel's Powertec built Hayabusa 1585cc engine has modified standard throttle bodies with our high flow fuel rail & peco injectors INJ-480P.

Nigel telephoned to let us know he is very pleased with the MBE992 management system, (now superceded by the MBE9A4), including wiring harness & MBE998 Gearbox control system, we've installed on his car. The complex system has taken a long time (3 years) to develop.

Nigel Morris at Loton Park 2006:Picture Steve Wilkinson

Loton Park Hillclimb on 28.7.07 FTD - 49.99s
Loton Park Hillclimb on 29.7.07 FTD -50.52s
Loton Park Hillclimb 18.5.08 FTD - 50.34s
Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb 20 September 2008 1st in Class - 27.21s
Nigel Morris's hayabusa engine, picture Kim Kingham
Nigel Morris hayabusa engine
Nigel Morris engine graph
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