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Paul Ashwick - Westfield
Paul Ashwick's Westfield
Paul emailed us in July 2008.

Hi Kim

Here is some text to go with the attached pictures for your website.

I originally built my Westfield with a standard Vauxhall engine, knowing that later on & as funds allowed I would want to increase the power. I wanted to find a customer friendly supplier, that would understand my needs & allow me to build my own engine, giving advice when I needed it. SBD came highly recommended from other Westfield members.

I did lots of research at the beginning and finally came to the decision that SBD put together the best all round package, when it came to the 2.0ltr 16v Vauxhall engine. I originally purchased the 208 taper throttle body kit. This "Turn key" package was absolutely fantastic, easy to fit with good quality instructions. The cars performance was suitably enhanced.

More recently the opportunity came, for me to build a more powerful engine. After some discussions with Steve it was decided that the 235 BHP kit best suited my needs. (Mainly Road with some track action). This involved a change in pistons, a rebuild of the bottom end including uprated bearing shells,a Dry Sump system (optional). Solid lifters, new camshafts, vernier pulleys, uprated injectors, uprated fuel regulator, & a lightened flywheel. I also took the opportunity to fit steel con rods.

Paul Ashwick's engine June 2008
Paul Ashwick's engine The support from Steve & his team was second to none, every query I had was answered promptly & with the expertise that comes from years of experience. Finally after many evenings in the garage the new engine was built & ready to run. I had been advised that I was only to get it running, carry out the cam running in procedure & then stop, as the map in the MBE ecu was only a "base map" & a starting point for the engines fueling requirements. This was done & then I trailered it up to SBD on an agreed day.

Steve set about checking the set up of the throttle bodies & installing his mapping equipment. This was to be a 2 stage process, an initial mapping to check everything was "Safe" & ok to run the engine in, to return at a later date for a final session. It was a simple case of taking it for a drive and carrying out various loads & engine RPM's as instructed (approx 2hrs). Steve was amazing, resembling something from "Matrix" crossed with "Space Invaders" the adjustments were made to the fueling map with lightning precision and computer dexterity that I have never seen, and obviously experience that I could only dream about, especially as I am a computer numpty. The transformation with the cars performance was staggering.

Not only is it perfectly respectable around town, but powers right up through the rev range to the shift light at 8500rpm. All this and I'm still getting 30MPG if driven normally. I cannot wait to get it on the track to compare the difference.

To sum it all up, If you want a supplier that carries good stock, has tested everything he sells, has vast experience of the products & gives un-rivalled back up, then Steve and his team @ SBD is the company you need to talk to!

Thanks once again, Paul Ashwick

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