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Peter Hayter - Westfield 2.0L 16v
Peter Hayter This is what the car first looked like , it then evolved into the car shown in the picture below which was taken on a very cold day testing at Curborough.

The car was purchased to give me something to play with while my Sunbeam Tiger was being restored,by the time the Tiger was finished the Westi was trackdaying quite a lot.

After a full restoration of the Tiger (imported from the states as a left hand drive and in a right mess) including a brand new 5ltr Edelbrook tuned 350 hp engine and conversion to right hand drive l decided l didn't want it as the Westi was so much fun and that was were my time was going to be.

After Steve took all my money l had no choice but to sell the Tiger and continue with the development of the Westi which is due to have a light weight chassis and a new body ,this will leave nothing from the original car apart from the gear lever!

Peter Hayter Wins so far in my first season of sprinting are for the ACSMC are 7 out of 7 in my class
Peter Hayter
2005 Season
Goodwood 21.05.05 - 1st in Class 92.87s
Lydden 29.10.05 - 3rd in Class 88.94s
Eelmoor Oct 2005 - FTD 51.35s Tunbridge Wells Motor Club
All Circuit Runner up: Peter Hayter Westfield SE1
Peter testing his Westfield at Curborough April 2006 Peter testing his Westfield at Curborough April 2006
17.6.06 Lydden 1st in Class 78.10s
6.8.06 Hethel 2nd in Class 71.99s
20.8.06 Curborough 1st in Class 58.30s
2007 Season

It's visit to the rolling road at Track'n'Road the week before showed the engine producing 292bhp/197lbft with a very smooth increase in both horsepower & torque.

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Peter Hayter's 2.0L VX graph
Peter Hayter's Westfield at Track'n'Road
Despite an overcast start, Peter tested his Westfield with it's new 2.0L Vauxhall XE engine at Curborough in March 2007. While there, he arranged for Toby & Tom from Aurok to come to discuss the suspension set up of his car.
Peter Hayters 2.0L XE engine
Peter Hayter's Westfield at Curborough, picture Kim Kingham
Peter Hayter testing at Curborough March 2007, picture Kim Kingham
Lydden 7.4.07 2nd in Class - 75.95s
Lydden 14.4.07 1st in Class - 76.68s
Curborough 5.5.07 2nd in Class, 3rd Overall - 56.86s
Pembrey 2.6.07 2nd in Class - 110.99s
Pembrey 3.6.07 2nd in Class - 48.81s
Abingdon 9.6.07 2nd in Class, 4th Overall - 43.28s, 47.83s Combined 91.11s
Curborough 23&24.6.07 FTD & Class Record - 30.35s
Castle Combe 30.6.07 1st in Class - 82.92s
Mira 14.7.07 3rd in Class - 49.88s
Llandow 21.7.07 1st in Class - 83.81s
Hethel 5.8.07 1st in Class - 68.67s
Curborough 11.8.07 2nd in Class, 3rd Overall - 55.32s
Brighton Speed Trials 8.9.07 1st in Class, 2nd top 6 run-off - 10.56s - New class record, U-tube video
Eelmoor - Sprint Royale 30.9.07 FTD - 49.65s, Meeting Report
Lydden 6.10.07 1st in Class - 72.99s
Lydden 27.10.07 1st in Class
Peter at Lydden 6.10.07, picture Kim Kingham Peter at Pembrey, June 2007:Picture Kim Kingham
Peter at Lydden, October Sprint 2007, 1st in Class. Picture:Kim Kingham Peter at Pembrey, June 2007. Picture:Kim Kingham
Peter's Westfield was featured in Practical Performance Car, May 2008 issue
2008 Season
Peter competed in the Westfield Speed Series.
North Weald 16.3.08 2nd in Class - 82.84s
Aintree 26.4.08 FTD - 44.34s
Harewood 10.5.08 1st in Class - 60.34s
Lydden 16.8.08 1st in Class
Lydden 17.8.08 2nd in Class
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