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Philip, Stuart & Alan Wood - RCL Westfield SEI

Phil emailed us in December 2015 to let us know that Alan took FTD at Farnborough & District’s Sprint Royale at Eelmoor on October 4th and he got first in class. He also let us know that Stuart and Alan took the Westie to the Farnborough & District Dimanche Sprint on Sunday 3rd May, Stuart was FTD with 48.88s with a new track record and Alan was 2nd Overall with 50.62s.

Alan Wood at Eelmoor, October 2015 Phil Wood at Eelmoor, October 2015

An email from Phil after being 1st in Class with 31.48s at Shelsley Walsh on Saturday 21st September: 'a great weekend given that this was only my second visit to Shelsley. Tell Steve the engine was brilliant, pulling 104 mph across the finish line'


Phil at Pembrey June 2013 (right), more pictures on SBD Motorsport Photobucket. Picture:Kim Kingham

Phil Wood at Pembrey June 2013
Phil Wood at Lydden April 2013

Phil Wood, 1st in Class with 79.85s at Lydden Sprint on 6th April 2013.

Picture:Kim Kingham. More Photos


Phil was 1st in Class in the SBD/BARC Speed Championship 2012.

Phil has installed a new Duratec engine with our TP245 kit into his Westfield for the 2012 Season.

According to his email in September after competing for the first time at Shelsley Walsh and finishing 3rd in Class with 33.49s "The engine is mighty up the hill - 5 mph faster than the class winner through the finish!"

Phil Wood at Castle Combe June 2012 Phil Wood's Duratec engine

Well Done to Stuart Wood, Overall Winner of the SBD Speed Championship 2010
Wiscombe hillclimb 24.4.10 Stuart: 1st in Class - 45s, Philip: 3rd in Class - 47.64s
Wiscombe hillclimb 25.4.10 Stuart: 1st in Class - 44.91s, Philip: 4th in Class - 48.18s
Goodwood sprint 5.5.10 Stuart: 1st in Class, New Class Record - 94.45s
Abingdon sprint 12.6.10 Stuart: 1st in Class - 93.65s, Philip: 2nd in Class - 99.59s
Caste Combe sprint 26.6.10 Stuart: 3rd in Class - 66.84s, Philip: 70.63s
Llandow sprint 17.6.10 Stuart: 1st in Class - 79.52s, Philip: 2nd in Class 83.01s
Curborough sprint 7.8.10 Stuart: 1st in Class, New Class Record - 60.40s, Philip: 2nd in Class - 62.21s
Curborough sprint 2.10.10 Stuart: 1st in Class - 33.22s, Philip: 35.05s

Read Stuart's feature in Startline about his year in sprinting

Stuart Wood SBD Speed Champion 2010
Back out in the SBD Championship in 2010 – Phil & Stuart Wood

Kicked the season off with a really good weekend at Wiscombe. On Saturday, we had superb weather with the climb getting faster and faster. I bettered my best by almost a second and Stuart dropped the SBD class record by 1.06 seconds to finish on 45.00.

Rain overnight meant that Sunday was slower with the hill never really drying out under the trees but Stuart went even quicker, getting down to 44.91 on his first timed run before the heavens opened. I ended up 4th in class with the excuse that I could have made it to second if it hadn't rained!

Stuart Wood Picture:Derek Hibbert

Saturday 15th May saw the car out at Goodwood with Stuart driving for the first time at this amazing circuit. Practice was cautious but still under 100 seconds and first timed run delivered 96.7, a whisker off the championship class record.

Second timed run was amazing, dropping the class record by over 2 seconds to 94.54!

Can’t make it to Pembrey so next outing will be Abingdon. Should be fun.

2005-2009 – Resting on our Laurels!

Stuart Wood. Picture:Derek Hibbert


1618cc with standard crank, SBD steel rods, SBD bearings and Omega pistons.
SBD dry sump system and tank.
SBD valves, solid followers and valve springs.
SBD M295 cams

SBD mapped MBE967E ECU.

Jenvey throttle bodies on Formula Vauxhall Junior inlet manifold with SBD injectors, swirl pot, fuel pump and regulator

SBD exhaust manifold and silencer
Quaife 4 speed dog gearbox
Quaife ATB differential in Westfield "English" casing.

Front: Willwood 4 pot with Hawk pads
Rear: Ford Cosworth callipers with solid discs. Standard pads.

Dry weight 535 Kg
Power 206 bhp

Alan Wood

Events 2004

Managed to avoid the trees at Wiscombe this year. Just got sunburnt instead!

Werrington was also dry. We were put into ASWMC class C5 (with everyone else running on slicks) but Alan still managed to lower the class record by 0.3 second. S03's must be quite good! He should have won the class as well but there was only 1 entry in C6 so we were amalgamated and so lost out by 0.5 to a 2litre Westie running on soft Avons. Only be 0.6 second!

Championship positions 2004
CD (was CCC, now SBD) Speed Championship Overall Champion - Alan Wood
ACSMC Guildford Tyres Speed Overall Champion

BARC Circuit Driver Speed 1st in Class 7
ACSMC Guildford Tyres Speed 1st in Class 7

Alan at Goodwood 2004 Picture:Keith Payne

Alan at Goodwood 2004 Picture courtsey of Keith Payne
Event Date Class Circuit Driver ACSMC WSCC Comments
Silverstone 13/3 1 1     Dad hit a marshall's post and bent the left front wishbone!
North Weald 21/3 2 2   1 Should have replaced the damper as well!
Lydden Hill 03/4 1   1   Never really dried out
Gurston 17/4 4 2     Why are we in a class with 21 car on slicks!
Wiscombe 24/4 1 1 1   Superb weather - sunburnt in April
Wiscombe 25/4 3 1 1   Wish we could run 1B tyres the SW guys!
Werrington 01/5 1   1   New Class Record
Hethel 16/5 1 1     Took over 1 second off previous best for class - 8th overall
Goodwood 22/5 1 1     Down into the 96s
Goodwood 05/6 1 1     Down into the 95s
Abingdon 12/6 2 2 1   Need to work on the traction control!
Lydden 19/6 1 1     Good day - dry & fast
Castle Combe 03/7 1 1     Tail wind - hit the rev limiter in top on the straight!
Longcross 11/7 1   1   3rd fastest time of day
MIRA 17/7 1     1 Very grippy & tricky circuit - great fun!
Goodwood 31/7 1   1   Down into the 94s!!!!!!!
MIRA 07/8 1 1   1 Messed up the second run but getting closer to Mr Palmer
Lydden 28/8 1 1 1 1 Dried but always slippy
Pembrey 11/9 1 1     Dry on Saturday
Pembrey 12/9 2 1     Absolutely p****d down on Sunday
Longleat 25/9 1   1   Great hill, shame about the mud!
Curborough 02/10 1 1 1   It rained again!

Overall for 2003:-

CCC (now SBD) Speed Championship 7th Overall and Class 7 Winner - Alan Wood

ACSMC Guildford Tyres Speed Championship 2nd Overall – Alan Wood

Top6 Challenge winner – Alan Wood

Class 7 winner – Phil Wood

Events entered:-
All results in Class C7 - Roadgoing Kit cars up to 1700cc - except Eelmoor which we entered in E12, Alan beat me every time this year.... must be getting old! I did get to within 0.02 second of him at Lydden and 0.05 at Longleat!

Cheers Phil

Philip Wood
Date Event Class Comments
12/4/03 Lydden 1  
26/4/03 Wiscombe 3 Dad threw it into the trees!
3/5/03 Werrington 1  
18/5/03 Hethel 1  
31/5-1/6/03 Pembry 1  
7/6/03 Abingdon 1  
21/6/03 Silverstone 2  
27/6/03 Goodwood 3 Head Gasket........
12/7/03 Lydden 1  
20/7/03 Longcross 1 5th overall.......2.5 seconds behind Dick
16/8/03 Goodwood 3 behind Bees & Palmer
6/9/03 Lydden 1  
14/9/03 Eelmoor FTD New track record
20/9/03 Mira 2  
27/9/03 Longleat 1 New class record
4/10/03 Curborough 1  
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