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Scott Pillinger - DSP, Hayabusa
Scott Pillinger at Castle Combe, March 2017

Scott has returned to sprinting after a years break, he finished 2nd in Class at Castle Combe, March 2017 with 136.01s.

His DSP single seater racing car is now powered by a 1300cc Hayabusa with our taper throttle bodies, camshafts and being run by the MBE9A4 ECU. Scott obviously couldn't keep away after selling his single seater, he has now got it back and sharing with Chris Price from MBE.

Picture:Kim Broughton

Events 2015
4 Oct Anglesey International/Costal 8th in Class 104.08s,
6th in Top 12 Run off 102.48s
SBD Report
3 Oct Anglesey National 7th in Class 139.88s,
7th in Top 12 Run off 137.00s
25 July Castle Combe (3/4 lap) 2nd in Class - 56.72s SBD Report

Events 2014

Scott was back out for 2014 with Supercharged Hayabusa powered DSP. He was 2nd in 2nd in Class 122.43s, 9th in Top12 run-off - 123.28s at Castle Combe in March 2014

Scott off the startline at Castle Combe, March 2014. Picture:Kim Broughton

Scott Pillinger at Castle Combe March 2014

Scott Pillinger at Castle Combe March 2013. Picture:Kim Kingham

Scott is running his DSP with an SBD supercharged 1300cc Hayabusa.

24.3.13 Castle Combe 2nd in Class 140,76s, finished 3rd in Top12 run-off - 129.20s. Photos, BSMA Report, YouTube footage
6.4.13 Lydden 6th in Class 69.43s, finished 6th in Top12 run-off - 68.10s. Photos, BMSA Report, YouTube footage
18.5.13 Snetterton 89.37s Unfortunately on the 2nd timed run Scott's car had a fire whilst out on track on Saturday, although he was fine, he had to withdraw from the rest of the weekend. Photos
22.6.13 Castle Combe FTD - 55.90s SBD Report, Photos
27.7.13 Llandow FTD - 69.66s HSA Report
Scott at Castle Combe March 2013. Picture:Kim Kingham

Email received from Scott Pillinger, October 2012;

"Just a quick note, as you may have seen from the recent emails, not only did I finish in the top 12, I got 10th which is brilliant!!! Thanks again, and I can't stress enough how great everyone who works with you are when at events! Always friendly, helpful and supportive!"

Scott at Pembrey, June 2012. Picture:Kim Kingham

Dave & Scott Pillinger have now supercharged their Hayabusa powered DSP

Scott Pillinger at Pembrey 2012
24 March 2012 Castle Combe Scott Pillinger: 3rd in Class 122.95s
9 June 2012 Pembrey Scott Pillinger: 4th in Class 99.30s
10 June 2012 Pembrey Scott Pillinger: 4th in Class 99.96s
28 July 2012 Kames Scott Pillinger: 4th in Class 79.08s, 6th Overall
29 July 2012 Kames Scott Pillinger: 6th in Class 71.83s
6 October 2012 Anglesey (National) Scott Pillinger: 5th in Class 51.69s
7 October 2012 Anglesey(International) Scott Pillinger: 4th in Class 82.87s

Email from Scott Pillinger after the Great Western Sprint at Castle Combe in March 2012:

Good afternoon Steve,

Just wanted to drop you a note as I can not thank you guys enough for all of your help and advise getting the car up and running-especially on Saturday when you had more than enough to be doing when getting 116's out of the Reynard!!!

Despite the teething problems with the car, the engine performed amazingly and we are really looking forward to getting the package sorted so we can try and do it justice!

Thank you again and if we can ever do anything to help in return please do not hesitate to ask.

Dave Pillinger at Castle Combe March 2012

An excerpt from an email received April 2011 from Scott Pillinger, England who has our MBE9A4 ECU & wiring harness on his Hayabusa powered DSP.

We are over the moon with our management system. The engine pulls so much cleaner and also feels to be revving better so thank you once again with all you help and advice.

Scott Pillinger at Pemrey sprint June 2011
Dave & Scott Pillinger DSP Hayabusa engine Castle Combe June 2011
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