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Stephen Mell - Caterham 7
Stephen Mell Email received from Stephen Mell in August 2008 with some photos of his Caterham 7:

Potted history:

I first acquired my Caterham in 1999 in its 2.0L fuel injected guise. It quickly became apparent that this was a bit of an asthmatic beast that needed liberating. So started my 'power' quest with SBD.

Step 1 was their TB208 kit which involved the fitting of Jenvey 48mm tapered throttle bodies, an MBE ECU & loom, ARP rod bolts and mildly uprated cams. The transformation was awesome, it felt like someone had unhooked my braces from the lamp post!

Step 2 was the TB225 kit that provided new cams, solid lifters and titanium valve caps. This was then coupled with the SBD 4:2:1 matched length exhaust system. Whilst not as drastic as the original upgrade, this added power and torque that was still tractable.
Step 3 was the TB235+ kit, which again provided new cams and this time a full dry sump system was added.

The final step was to go for the TB270+ cams, 87.5mm (2.07L) pistons, 12.4:1 CR and a pretty aggressive map. The result is a rip snorting beast that remains tractable in traffic yet sufficient to frighten the bejezus out of me on the track.

Thanks to Steve, Dick and Carole at SBD.
Stephen Mell 2.0L XE Westfield Current Specification:

1995 Caterham Vauxhall HPC 2.1L
Ported and polished CosCast head (12.4:1 CR)
SBD 270+ Cams and solid lifter valve gear
Jenvey 48mm tapered throttle bodies with Peco 480cc injectors
SBD tuned 4:2:1 exhaust
SBD 87.5mm intruder pistons
SBD steel rods + ARP bolts
SBD dry sump system
SBD lightened flywheel
Racelogic traction/launch control
Superclutch twin plate organic 7 ¼ clutch
Caterham 6 speed 'H' pattern gearbox
3.62 limited slip differential
AP 4-pot front brakes with Mintex pads all round
Nitron shock absorbers
Yokohama 048R (soft) tyres
Stephen Mell at Cadwell Park Stephen Mell
2.0L Vauxhall Kits & Components
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