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Team Lindgren
For more about Team Lindgren, please see our new website
Well done to Steffen Hansen of Team Lindgren, Danish Seven Champion 2016, his fourth year winning the Championship. Steffan Hansen, Team Lindgren, Danish Seven Champion 2016
Team Lindgren, Denmark bought MBE9A4 ECU, wiring harness, dry sump kit, electric water pump & associated parts for their 1299cc Hayabusa powered 2001 Stuart Taylor chassis, Seven Eleven Racecar.
Team Lindgren Website
Email received from Ivan following some technical support, May 2016: 'Thank you very very much for the support fridag, it did help a lot. We managed to get the coolant Temperature down so that our client could drive the race, and came into a 3. Place. Without problems. The engine is running good now, but we will still replace The Oil cooler to 32 rows.
Again thank you, SBD'
Team Lindgren, Steffen Hansen 2015 Danish Seven Champion

Congratulations to Steffen Hansen of Team Lindgren, 2015 Danish Seven Champion.

This is his third year winning the Danish Seven Championship.

Team Lindgren Facebook page


Well Done to Steffen Hansen of Team Lindgren, 2014 Danish Seven Champion.

SBD's Craig Sampson was invited over to see Team Lindgren's the final race of the season.

Steffen Hansen/Team Lindgren, 2014 Danish Seven Champion

Team Lindgren

Email received April 2014.

Hi Steve

Steffen had 2 wins in This weekend, very good start for the Danish Championship 2014 :)


Email received April 2013

Hi Steve

Here is what we have done to the car in this winter.

Thank you, we won both of our track heats yesterday. :) Yeee, and the engine was running perfect.

Team Lindgren, Denmark

Email received May 2010

Hi Carole and SBD

Thanks for all the help from you, we got a 2nd place and a 1st place in the weekend in the Danish championship in Seven Cup race. And the engine is running super. Busa Power : )

Here is the car and My son Steffen with his 1st place.

If you want to see the car in race you can find it under and find the DTC movie our race is starting at 13:00, so you have to go forward a bit in the movie. Our car is blue with the number 126.

SBD power is the best.

Venlig hilsen, Team-Lindgren, Ivan Hansen

Steffen Hansen - Team Lindgren
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