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Jean-Francois Bigonville Robin Smyth Joon gyu Park
Jean-Francois Bigonville, France Robin Smyth, Australia Joon gyu Park, South Korea

Frans Verbaas, Barbodos Rally Urban Performance Garage 2.0L XE Astra Terra's Sport
Frans Verbaas, Barbados Rally 2010 Urban Garage Performance, Bulgaria Terra's Sport, Greece - YouTube video

Bruce McKenzie Bana Racing Team Emmanual Martins
Bruce McKenzie, Australia Bana Racing Team, Brazil Emmanual Martins, Maderia

Henrik Lundgaard, Denmark Touring Car Championship Josef Waller at Slalom Tuttlingen Rino Demeire
Henrik Lundgaard, Toyota Touring Cars, Denmark Josef Waller, Switzerland Rino Demeire, Belgium

Claus Jenson Sergey Uspensky, Ice Racing in Russia Frans Verbaas
Claus Jenson, Denmark Sergey Uspenskiy, Ice Racing, Russia Frans Verbaas, Holland

Claus Jenson Boison Motorsport Opel Rally Team, Turkey
Claus Jenson, Denmark Boison Motorsport, Denmark Opel Rally Team, Turkey
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