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June 2017: We received an email from Ger Dwane about the MBE9MD display.

Hi Steve
Dash working great. Thanks for help
We already had SBD stickers from previous shipment from Carole but thanks for extra ones. See photos

Ger Dwane
Ger Dwane

May 2017: We received a photo of Craig Tomkinson's 2.0L 16v Nova.

Hi Folks, Thought you might like this. Taken on the May Bank holiday race day at Castle Combe.

Keep up the good works.

Craig Tomkinson at Castle Combe

May 2017: We received an email from Craig Moffat after he bought some parts including our camshafts and SBD/Omega pistons for his C20XE powered Westfield.

Hi, I bought parts for my c20xe from you at the start of the year and rebuilt the engine. After some light mapping and running in I had the car to the dyno again yesterday.

With the rebore, omega pistons, your cams, straight inlet, Omex Throttle bodies and bonnet 4-2-1 exhaust it made 220bhp which I was very happy with.

Can you pass on thanks to those I spoke to on Stand at the Autosport show and to Craig for the numerous email contacts.

Craig Moffat

June & July 2016: We received some emails from Tom Gaval in Pennsylviana, USA, whose Caterham CSR, 2.3L Duratec has our MBE9A4 ECU controlling it.

Steve remotely mapped his Caterham, as seen in this YouTube Video and Tom commented 'The engine sounded great.  I have never run it up to anywhere near that RPM level.  I'll send you a video I took during one of the runs.  Watching you make all of those changes to the map during the session was very educational'. 

Then after he had tested the car on the track: 'The car ran flawlessly. After giving rides to some of my fellow Caterham owners this weekend, you may be getting a few calls from them wanting to upgrade their power.  ;>)

P.S.The starter just arrived today. Thanks once again for your support.'

April 2016: We received an email from Richard Kelly, Atomise Ltd, who upgraded his ECU to a MBE9A4 on his Radical.

'I've very happy to report that your MBE ECU has worked faultlessly all season, and I have won the ProSport NZ Sports Car Championship, beating a few Junos along the way thanks to great reliability.,

He also included a video link on YouTube of In car video from race 2 of the NZ Sports Cars and Round 3 of our Championship. Check out the mighty replica McLaren M1B of Andrew Robertson that he got to race against! It's faster on the straights, but he can go a bit quicker on the corners.

Richard Kelly, Atomise

March 2016: We received an email from Francisco Valco.

'Hello Steve /Carole just like to thank you very much for your help.Tried the car today and was very happy with the results much smoother and has more push. I will be in touch as i will be ordering more goodies, I am following you on facebook congrats on your excellent results this weekend best wishes

Francisco Calvo

March 2016: We had this video link sent to us by Kevin Glover, who does the mapping for Jamie at Jtech Automotive on their BMW M3 E46 race car. The car is using the MBE9A9 ECU running full Vanos control, EGAS, pit lane speed limiter as well as many other functions.  They have just added full paddle shift, again controlled by the MBE9A9, Steve set up all the strategies for them, which then Kevin did the fine adjustments at the circuit.  You can see how well it works in the video, they have left the gearstick in place and you can see the changes.  The entire car wiring harness has been made by Si-leck Motorsport Wiring.

Jtech Automotive BMW M3 E46 Racecar

Thanks for the update with the pitlane limit, it’s appreciated. Fantastic customer service as always. Here’s some clips from testing at Castle Combe if you’re interested.

December 2015: We received an email from Gulfsport Racing in Dubai after Steve had carried out remote mapping of 2 cars.

'Al fresco mapping. Parked about 15kms from anything - in the desert with Steve clicking boxes 3500miles away!! Got to love 3G!'

Gulfsport, Dubai

Email received in July 2015 from Jonny Thomsen, Sweden who has our Hayabusa TP200+bhp Race spec kit, this includes SBD taper throttle bodies, MBE9A4 ECU & wiring harness, SBD dry sump system and various other internal components.

Four races so far this year. Two wins and two third places

YouTube video of Race 1 Knutstorp 2015

Jonny Thomsen

Message received via Facebook in June 2015 from Francesco Ferragina, Italy who bought our SBD tapered throttle body kit and camshafts for his Hayabusa powered Sportscar.

Thanks again Sb Developments for spare parts supplied to us. Yet another victory in the class in 1300, thanks Steve.

Francesco Ferragina

YouTube video

Email received April 2015 from John Foster of Fostek.

Massive thanks for your help/support at my rolling road session at Daytuner today. I am very happy that between yourself and Damien we have got a top class set up in the Grey car. I will try and do a little write up with pictures about both cars and forward them to you.

Cheers, John Foster

Email received April 2015 from Richard Kelly, New Zealand, who has our MBE management system on his Hayabusa powered Radical.

Hi Steve,

I bought a MBE off you a while back for my Radical SR3 1300, and I wanted to let you know it is all going really well. Thank you! When we did a dyno check on the car your map could not be improved on; much to the disappointment of the dyno tuner. :>)

I am currently sitting 2nd overall in the New Zealand Sports Car Championship; which is very good considering there are six Junos and a few 1500 Radicals plus quite a few other competing.

There's one round to go and I am the only person with a chance to beat the current P1; and there's no one that can catch me for P2.

If you would like a pic of another happy customer for your website, here's some attached. They are from the NZ endurance Series last year, and I won the Sports Car Class at the Pukekohe 3 hour and took the 2nd place trophy for the series.

Richard Kelly

Email received from Charles Paynter, February 2015. He has a Vauxhall Nova powered by 1.6L 16v with SBD Taper throttle bodies with 480cc yellow peco injectors, MBE967EF ECU, 79 mm Omega Slipper pistons, steel rods, 11.6mm 295 degrees lift cams, ex SBD test head and test pulleys and dry sump kit. 

Good afternoon Steve,

I thought you  might be interested in a follow up to our previous conversations.

I took your advice and took the car back to the Mass Racing dyno at Great Gransden near Cambridge. After a bit of messing about with the software until we got the right version to make the mapping features fully functional, Chris Conoley set about re-mapping, paying particular attention to the lower and middle rev range, whilst running the higher octane fuel. This proved to work out very well and the car now pulls much cleaner from lower down without bogging down and misfiring like it used to. We ended up recording a full power curve from it which I have attached for your perusal.

I’m extremely pleased with the outcome because the figures and power/torque curve very closely match yours for this specification of engine. I’m going to take the car to a track day at the end of the month so fingers crossed everything runs ok. I had a scare when I took it off the dyno and it suddenly dropped oil out of what I assumed was the engine. However, back home on the vehicle ramps, I discovered it was in fact an oil pipe leading to a remote canister from a front suspension strut that had been jolted and ended up rubbing on the alternator pulley! Phew what a relief!

Finally I would like to congratulate you on the performance of your engine specification. Very impressive and a lot of fun!

Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Charles Paynter

Email received October 2014 from David Ferguson in USA, who runs a Mazda Van Diemen RFS-03 Mazda using our MBE9A9 ECU.

We had a dominating performance at the SCCA National Championships, winning the race by a large margin (15+ seconds). Thanks to you and Chris for making that happen.

Here the article that SCCA/ produced:
We were later penalized for a pass under full-course caution (I failed to see the flags when they were first displayed), so I was demoted to 2nd in the official results.  Here is a link to the broadcast of our race -- my race starts at about 52 minutes in.
David Ferguson

Email received October 2014 from Malcolm Oastler in Australia who has a Hayabusa turbo powered OMS28, all the parts including an MBE9A8 ECU were supplied by Jack at Holeshot and we gave Malcolm telephone tuition for setting up.

G’day Gents,

First outing, 5 runs, new outright record at Canberra Hillclimb was 37.65s (Gould GR55), now 37.45s. Should be quick once I learn to drive it.

Thanks for all of your help.

Best rgds, Malcolm.

Malcolm Oastler

Gary Thomas has now fitted our throttle bodies, MBE9A4 ECU and wiring harness to his 1396cc Hayabusa powered Force.

Email received September 2014 from Gary after Damian at Daytuner set up the car for him at short notice: 'Very impressed with Damian. He identified a number of issues with the car and put in a very long shift to sort it out, although the time left for mapping was limited by the end of the day.'

Email received at the end of September after Gary had completed a few events: Hi Craig, just thought you'd like an update since the SBD kit was fitted.

2 Loton Park hillclimbs, 2nd FTD each time. Missed FTD by just one hundredth on the 2nd day!
2 Thoresby Park sprints. FTD both days with a new outright record on 2nd day.
2 Shelsley Walsh hillclimbs. FTD both days.

cheers, Gary

Gary Thomas

A picture received via Facebook received September 2014 from Danny Keenan of Mk Sportcars, who up until now they have mainly built 7 style cars, but has now built a Sports Car, Hayabusa powered using our dry sump systems.

Danny Keenan, MK Sportcars

Email received June 2014 from Fernando Ogando Rios of Talleres Ogando, Spain who has a Opel Kadett with our Vauxhall 2.0L TP225 taper throttle body kit with MBE9A4 ECU.


Ok problem solved, see the car on Youtube.

Orando Sport

Email received May 2014 from Lars Berntren, Norway who has a Escort RS2000 with our high spec Duratec throttle bodies, MBE9A4 ECU & MBE995 display.

Thank you Steve!

I have a small film from the rally, you can use for marketing your products if you want to!

Lars Berntren

Email received November 2013 from Deckspeed Racing, Australia who have a team of Mazda MX5 racing cars which are fitted with Duratec as standard, we supply them various upgrade parts from Omega Pistons and Saenz rods, to Heavy duty chain tensions and pulleys, Motorsport bearings, ARP equipment.

This is where your parts end up. These are all our own race cars.

Michael Hall, Deckspeed Racing
Deckspeed Racing, Australia

Email received from Johnny Hickey from Southern Ireland, November 2013 who ordered a Vauxhall bottom pulley and bolt.

Thanks very much - Carole and Craig for looking after us. Top class service, staff most helpful, 100% happy customer.

Email received from Chris Carter in California in October 2013 who has 2.0L Duratec with SBD throttle bodies, MBE9A4 ECU and wiring harness in his Caterham, which he started in 2006.

Hello Steve,

Chris Carter writing from California. My project is nearly complete (excluding the exhaust, which is on the build) and I have a question.

Beyond that, I would like to take a moment to thank you for all for your help on my project. You may recall that I've sourced just about everything necessary to complete the project from SBD. I did so because my prior experience with you all was entirely positive. Now, you have proven that since my first experience (in 2003) you and the company have only gotten better.

When the work was (finally!) done I turned the key and the engine fired up immediately, maintained idle, and ran up the rev range smoothly. Subsequent running-in has revealed that I've got quite a lot of engine on my hands. All the systems you provided, both hardware and software, are functioning flawlessly, and have done so right from the starting gate. Everything Just Works.

I put this down to the quality of the products you provide, the amazing expertise you have and also to the extra work you all did (configuring the map in the ECU, building the throttle bodies, et. al.) for me. The installation instructions you make available allowed me to proceed w/ confidence as I moved through the work on each of the systems.

Indeed, the fact that you didn't hear from me (much) during the process speaks to the quality of the products and documentation you all provide. Kindly send my regards to Carole and Craig, both of whom were so helpful and responsive during our dealings. Heartiest of thanks to you all. I am looking forward to another project, and when the time comes I certainly know where I'll be sourcing parts.

Oh, and one other thing. If you're ever considering coming out West to the left coast (and it's a holiday well worth it - California is beautiful) please do contact me. Nothing like local knowledge to enhance a trip.

Many thanks, and Cheers!

Email received October 2013 from Robin Smyth, Australia after Steve mapped his Escort Mk1 with 2.0L Duratec over the telephone.

Hi Steve

That latest map is really good. I can't believe what an amazing job you have done just over the phone. This guy had the car and all the latest gear at his finger tips and then you have mapped the car over the phone incredible.

Anybody that can map a car over the phone deserves my business. I have faith in your MBE over all these others.

I spoke with Steve Williams and discussed the idea of building similar engines to this recent one, using the MBE again, putting in the same map and getting him to fine tune the results instead of wasting money with idiots.

I could maybe try to have 2 cars finished at the same time next time around and you can visit in person.

Robin Smyth

Email received from Michael Smith, October 2013 who has an MBE9A4 ECU and wiring harness on his 2.0L Duratec Cosworth powered Westfield race car.

Hi, thanks for your help and technical support to Damien at Daytuner as he was sorting out running faults on my Westfield Cosworth Duratec race car
with an MBE management system. When I got the car back and took it to Harewood speed hill climb for the last meeting of the season, it ran well and
put in a 59.6 second run, 103mph through the speed trap.

Thanks again
Michael Smith.

Email received from Dave Kimberley, September 2013 who has an MBE9A4 ECU, wiring harness and SBD Taper throttle bodies on his Hayabusa powered Caterham.

Hi Steve
I collected the Caterham from Daytuner yesterday and have to say I'm extremely impressed with the end result.
Having had a few busa engines now this is a revelation in how it starts and runs especially from cold, it even starts on 12v with 11.6v in the battery.

Damian's knowledge and experience with bike engines really proved to be invaluable as there were a few issues with the charging system that I was unaware of that were sorted easily once I was despatched on my way home :0), he really is a good ambassador for SBD and MBE .

Thanks for all your help and advice over last few years, I,ll send you a couple of pics once the cars back together with the full cage back on after the iva test which I now have renewed enthusiasm for


Email received July 2013 from Steven Gault, Ireland about our new Vauxhall throttle bodies:

Just some feedback on your new vaux throttle bodies-
I had a customer bring me an ex Swindon 2.0l vaux. We dyno'd it at 233bhp. I removed the head and did a flowbench analysis on it . I reported it to the level I thought it should be and remachined the valve seats to my specs. I tested his current Jenvey throttle bodies and replaced them with your new latest design ones.
The engine was rebuilt with all the same parts and retested on our Superflow 902 engine dyno. Power was now 256bhp.
Client finished 13th overall in Donegal national rally last week and was really pleased.
Thanks for your help.

High specification Vauxhall throttle bodies

We received this on our Facebook page from Noel Galea, Malta who is running a 2.0L XE with our pistons, con-rods and various other components in his Escort MK2.


Thanks to all the staff of SBD Development for giving me the right stuff for my c20xe engine. If you want you can load this clip on your F.B.

Kalkara Hillclimb -

Email received May 2013 from Francesco Ferragina, Italy who bought our SBD tapered throttle body kit and camshafts for his Hayabusa powered Sportscar.

Dear Steve, 

I wanted to thank you again for the material you've provided, yesterday I did the first race of 2013, valid for the Italian Championship of the mountain, and I got a good result: 1st in class and 8th overall in 1300.

Also I got close to the 1600 Radical official, the best gave me about 3 seconds on the 6.2 km race track.

Best regards
Francesco Ferragina

Francesco Ferragina

Email received from Craig Fleming in May 2013 about his Duratec powered Juno, which he uses for circuit racing. The race was televised on Motors TV.

Hi Steve

Just a quick line to say we had our first races of 2013 yesterday at the Motors TV meeting at Castle Combe. We qualified 2nd for the first race and Pole for the second race and managed to win both. The first race was scrappy on my part but the second race we put on a proper display.

The motor is mega and thus far has done exactly what you said it would. It has been a massive part of us knocking 3 seconds off of our lap time at Combe and only being 2 tenths of off the lap record. I wanted to thank yourself, Craig and all at SBD for your help and patience and hopefully you may get some enquires from it as there were certainly a few people looking at our car. The water temperature is one of the things that has impressed Alex the most, it pretty much sits at 74 degrees all race and yesterday was hot!

Kind Regards
Craig Fleming

Email received in April 2013 from Alberto Zangirolami, Italy who purchased our exhaust manifold EX-M-AST3-S16 and our 2.0L XE camshafts for his Opel Astra F 2.0 16v rally car.


I don't know if you remember me, I have purchased from you in 2010 the exhaust manifolds and in 2011 I have taken the cams for my Opel Astra (the cams I taken them through the Red&Blue Autosport of Diego Giuratti,my preparer). I sent you some photos relating to my car because when I made this transformation we have won a national championship and won several placings very importanti.adesso very confident of your products.

Alberto Zangirolami

Email received April 2013 from Ivan Hansen, Team Lindgren, Denmark, they bought MBE9A4, wiring harness, dry sump kit, electric water pump & associated parts for the Hayabusa.

Hi Steve

Here is what we have done to the car in this winter.

Thank you, we won both of our track heats yesterday. :) Yeee, and the engine was running perfect.

More pictures on this link:

Team Lindgren, Denmark

Email received in February 2013 from Gregor in Switzerland who bought our High Specification Duratec kit for his Caterham.

Dear Steve

It was absolutely no problem to make such a nice installation with such a perfect kit… Every single part fitted perfectly!!

Today we merged chassis loom with engine loom, incl. All Gauges in the cockpit, wide band lambda, ventilators, alternator, direct cable to fuel pump (it is driven in the CSR separately). Tomorrow rolling road - I am curious like hell…

For sure I will picture everything and keeping you posted.

Best regards, Gregor

Gregor's Duratec engine

Email received from Peter Morley in Australia, has our Hayabusa 316bhp supercharger kit with launch control on his OMS CF08.

Hy guys, thought you might like to know we finished the year off with a few rewards still learning car and ironing out a few problems. 19th to 21st October we had the Australian sprint championships at Collie Motorplex, Western Australia had problems all weekend with gear selection and an electrical issue, only completed 5 laps, broke lap record twice and won the event. It was also round 10 of our speed event championship and managed to snag the state championship.

Three days later left for Bathurst in New South Wales 5 days later and 4000klms we were entered in the Australian hill climb championship at Mount Panorama, more dramas with a light weight rear defuser, launch control worked great but I think the dogs in the box have cried enough, managed 9th outright. 6000klms on the way home gave the wife a thank you holiday.

Peter Morley
Thanks for the great service and advice look forward to dealing with you in the future, have a great Xmas and new year. regards Peter Morley

Email received in October 2012 from JC Coetzee of Fast Eddie in South Africa, their customer's Noble now has an MBE9A9 ECU running the engine.

Good morning Steve,

We are now finished with the Noble and the owner is very happy, he can’t believe the difference made by the ECU. :)

He is currently driving it on 0.7bar (low boost) as the car becomes a handful on 1.3bar (high boost).

It’s amazing how smooth the engine runs, and how well controlled everything is.

Fast Eddie, Noble

Email received in August 2012 from Neil Kenny in Australia, who has our TP290bhp Duratec kit, starter motor STR-DURA-F3-01K and flywheel on his Chiron Sportscar.

Dear Steve

We finally finished the bell housing and assembled the engine/transmission last Friday night. The new starter motor, flywheel, etc is brilliant.

We can crank the engine for extended periods and we now no longer need the auxiliary battery. The car starts at a touch of the button and the power from the engine is very good and the car accelerates very well.

Many thanks, Neil Kenny

Photography courtesy of Michael Coppola

Neil Kenny

Email received July 2011 from Bruce McKenzie, Australia who bought a MBE9A4i & ignition only system for his Duratec powered Escort.

Hi Steve,

I took the Escort out to one of our tracks on Wednesday for a run. It does everything I had wished for, the performance and handling is very good.

Although I have not driven an Escort in anger since 1981 (RAC Rally) it was just like it was yesterday. It sounds beautiful and revs very smoothly to 8000rpm, although it seems that it will pull away from almost any revs below this.

Bruce McKenzie

An excerpt from an email received April 2011 from Scott Pillinger, England who has our MBE9A4 ECU & wiring harness on his Hayabusa powered DSP.

We are over the moon with our management system. The engine pulls so much cleaner and also feels to be revving better so thank you once again with all you help and advice.

Scott Pillinger at Pemrey sprint June 2011

Email received from Peter McClenaghan, Ireland in April 2011.

Hi Carole

Well i finally have some pictures of the car for you, sorry haven't emailed earlier but been out playing too much !

The car was built for the road over 2010 and was first registered in January 2011, the engine is a Vauxhall 2.0xe with SDB 208 kit and MBE ignition, with a BTB exhaust and headers to SBD dimensions, All engine parts were supplied by SBD.

The car is an absolute dream to drive and pulls like a train, SBD were really fantastic to deal with and the advice was spot on. There will be a upgrade in the future and it will be the SBD 230 kit.

Peter McClenaghan

Email received from Adam in Houston, USA who has our MBE9A4 ECU on his Duratec powered Caterham

Your support has been first class and I have passed that along to the various Caterham owners over here. I also think if I yearn for more performance in the future it will be though you and your throttle bodies, for now though I need to enjoy the car as it is for a while!

Kind regards, Adam

Adam Gresswell

Email received from Sabina Artnerova, J.M.I.T. in Czech Republic showing Ondrej Musil Autocross European Champion 2010, using our taper throttle bodies, crank, pistons, rods & associated components for their 1.6L Vauxhall Autocross car.

I am sending you the video of our Autocross season 2010, just to show you, where your components are used.

Thank you and best regards

Sabina Artnerová, J.M.I.T. a.s.

Email received from Luboš, AOP, Czech Republic, September 2010 who bought our Hayabusa dry sump kit, dry sump tank, electric water pump & slave cylinder.


I bought your Dry Sump System Hayabusa. Everything is OK. At the European Championships in Nova Paka in July 2010 we finished in second place. I enclose a few photos from the race.


Email received from Dyrr Ardash, August 2010 who bought our MBE management system for his Ford Fiesta Mk.6 "ST150" race car.


Many thanks for Sat. It was good to come down and also see the SBD premises.

I'm chuffed to bits with the way the car felt. The driveability was the killer for me. Its a shame that Combe doesn't really need too much low down grunt. Thanks again and I'll let you know how I get on and also be in contact over the winter for some additional mods.

Dyrr Ardash

Email received from Gavin Johnson, Basingstoke who bought our MBE9A4 & wiring harness for his K-series Caterham.

Good Afternoon

I had a very good chat with Steve this morning about 9A4 for to a K series Caterham, I'd just like to say that I was very impressed with his help and was a very nice thing to actually speak to a company that knows about what they sell.

Email received June 2010 from Peter McClenaghan, Northern Ireland who bought 2.0L Vauxhall Taper Throttle Kit.

Hi Carole

Just a quick email to tell you the car fired up on Sunday for the first time and it all appears to be running very smoothly.
The kit you supplied has been great to work with so many thanks !!

Email received in June 2010 from James Birch, Kent who has bought various 2.0L XE parts over the last few years.

Thanks for your assistance. Its an expensive rebuild I didn't need so money saved is a great help.

Good to see a company that can lend a helpful service without trying to capitalise on every pound from the customer.

Email received May 2010 from Ivan Hansen, Team Lindgren, Denmark, they bought MBE9A4, wiring harness, dry sump kit, electric water pump & associated parts for the Hayabusa.

Hi Carole and SBD

Thanks for all the help from you, we got a 2nd place and a 1st place in the weekend in the Danish championship in Seven Cup race. And the engine is running super. Busa Power : )

Here is the car and My son Steffen with his 1st place.

If you want to see the car in race you can find it under and find the DTC movie our race is starting at 13:00, so you have to go forward a bit in the movie. Our car is blue with the number 126.

SBD power is the best.

Venlig hilsen, Team-Lindgren, Ivan Hansen

Steffen Hansen - Team Lindgren

Email from Wayne Smythe in York who rallies a Vauxhall Nova powered by a 1600 16v with our Throttle Bodies and MBE management system.

'Thank you for setting up my throttle bodies in November just before my first event at Rockingham, The car went extremely well and never missed a beat over the weekend. A Big thank you to all of you.'

Email received Dec 2009 from Mirco Mariani, Publisport Racing, Italy who was supplied with a Group N Kit.

Hello Craig,

I was rolling yesterday.... The car is fantastic! I achieved 181 bhp @ 6000 rpm and 245 Nm @ 4500 rpm It's a gain of 10 bhp!!!
Best regards

Updated YouTube link Dec 2010;

Updated YouTube link July 2011;

Email received May 2008 from David Hill, Australia who bought a MBE992, wiring harness, peco injectors & quickshift kit for 1300 GSXR.

Hi Carole

Tell Steve the Force going very well,after 3 rounds,3 class records(one was set 12 years ago when ADO came out to Bathurst with the then latest Pilbeam MP62 Vauxhall),and outright FTD at the Bathurst mountain hillclimb.
Regards, David

Email received November 2007 from Salam Mourad, Holland, who purchased various clutch parts for his 2.0L Vauxhall.

Hi Dick!

just wanted to say thank you for your excellent support a few months ago and the parts you supplied. I am happy to show you the end result, the Vauxhall XE 2.0 16V in my Fisher Fury, see pic. It is wonderful.
Once again, thank you!
Salem, Holland

Salam Mourad

Email received May 2005 from Josef Waller, Switzerland who was supplied with a 2.0L VX taper throttle body kit.

Hello SBD Team

Jo Waller won the first race after tuning his engine with your parts. (and burning ECU’s…) - just for your information …and for our pleasure to tell you.

Many thanks! Martin

Josef Waller

Letter from Carl Moffett (received 3rd July 2003)

I have received purchased a 208 kit. Thank you for the kit and support during build. It has transformed my Caterham into a devilishly fast & responsive vehicle. A number of people have been thinking about going the throttle body route in the area and I would certainly recommend you.

Email received March 2003 from Johan Hallström, Sweden

Hi Steve!

Thank you for the answers, I will try to make use of the MBE logging stream to show data on my display!
I attached a picture of my engine bay.
Kenneth did my ECU mapping last summer, the engine has been running perfectly since.

Regards, Johan

Johan Hallstrom engine

Email from Colin Massey, Ireland (February 2003) who bought our 1.6L VX Taper throttle body 180bhp kit.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for a great kit, Won Mid Antrim Motor Club 1600 class 2002. Have enclosed photo in case you want to use on your site.

Regards Colin Massey.

Colin Massey
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