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Vauxhall Clutch Release Mechanisms
Clutch Release Mechanisms (Hydraulic Type)
The hydraulic release mechanism we supply is telescopic in design, working rather like a car radio aerial. This makes it very compacted & can be used in a large variety of applications. Currently the hydraulic slave cylinder is supplied in 2 types, the 40mm type is as its name implies suitable for a release bearing with a 40mm internal diameter, the other is the Saab type which suits a Saab sleeve. If you are fitting a different type of gearbox you will have to make your own mount made but in our experience this is a lot less hassle than persisting with a cable of rod operated system. There is also a selection of spacers varying thickness to allow you to set telescopic mechanism up to allow for a new clutch & to allow room for it to wear. If you are not sure how thick a spacer you require I normally recommend taking 2 of the largest spacers as they are cheaper than buying lots of small ones & you can always have a large spacer machined to the exact size you require.
CLT-HCA-SAB-HD Hydraulic clutch slave cylinder CLT-HCM-4SP & CLT-HCM-5SP Mount for hydraulic clutch slave CLT-RB4 Saab release bearing
Clutch hydraulic slave cylinder for Saab bearing only
Mount for Hydraulic clutch slave 4-speed CLT-HCM-5SP
Mount for Hydraulic clutch slave 5-speed
Saab Release Bearing suitable for hydraulic slave cylinder CLT-HCA-SAB. for use with standard production clutches.
CLT-HCS-30 Spacer for hydraulic clutch
CLT-NS1 Input shaft nose seal
CLT-SB1 Spigot bearing
Hydraulic Clutch Slave spacer 30mm thick- Customer to Trim
Input shaft nose seal Ford type
Spigot bearing 15mm

CLT-HCA-40-HD Hydraulic clutch slave cylinder
CLT-RB-LL-42.0-40 Round release bearing Super Clutch CLT-RB-C0-47.6-40 Round release bearing AP Clutch
Heavy duty hydraulic clutch slave cylinder, this is designed for a 40mm internal diameter bearing.
Heavy Duty all steel round release bearing 42mm Fulcrum which has an internal diameter of 40mm. Suitable for Super Clutch 7.25" & 5.5" clutches.
Heavy Duty all steel round release bearing 47mm Fulcrum which has an internal diameter of 40mm. Suitable for AP Clutches.

Clutch Release Mechanisms (Cable Type)
We have chosen the 3 components listed below as the best combination of release arm, release bearing & fulcrum pin to suit our range of Vauxhall to Ford gearbox bellhousing. There are other similar components from the Ford range they vary in shape & don't fit anywhere near as well, also Ford is continually updating its components so we have tried to keep up to date & currently this is the best combination. The release bearing listed has what we call a flat face so it can be used with a standard Vauxhall/Opel type clutch cover. The GM range of covers use rounded fingers so when the clutch mechanism is operated the curved finger roll over the flat bearing keeping the pressure at one point. If you plan to use a 7 ¼" type clutch these use the reverse with flat fingers & a round nose bearing the only problem with this is there are very few round nose bearings & none of them will fit straight onto the releases currently available. So your options are to buy one of the few round nose release bearings available & make or convert a special holder to mount it onto the release arm, the other problem is that the 7 ¼" clutches vary in height according to their type, they are generally not as deep as a normal cover so your carrier will need to be longer than usual as well. The other preferred option is to use one of our telescopic hydraulic clutch mechanisms which does not give the same problems.
CLT-RA2 Clutch release arm CLT-RB2 Release bearing CLT-FP2 Fulcrum pin CLT-SB1 Spigot bearing
Clutch release arm
Release Bearing for 150/170mm Bellhousing
Fulcrum pin to suit CLT-RA2
Spigot bearing 15mm
Flywheels & Clutch Introduction

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