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2.0L Vauxhall Crank Drive Pulleys, Idlers, Crank Sensors & Seals
Pre-93 2.0L XE set-up
Pre-93 2.0L XE set-up
Post-93 2.0L XE set-up
Post-93 2.0L XE set up

Crank Drives, Seals & Sensors
CRK-SR1 Crank rear seal
CRK-SF1 Crank/oil pump seal
Crank rear seal 2.0L 16v
Crank/Oil pump front seal 2.0L 16v
2.0L Vauxhall Water Pumps & Thermostat

Crank Sensors & Multivee Pulley

Multivee alternator pulley & 58 tooth wheel for use with small alternator.

PLY-MV1TW-58-EX1 Multivee pulley
CRK-SEN-5 Crank sensor

MM angled crank sensor (inductive) 3 wire screened.

2.0L Vauxhall Components

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