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2.0L XE pre-93 Vauxhall Crank Drive Components
Pre-93 2.0L XE set-up
Idlers & Tensioners CMB-T1
CMB - T1

This is the bottom idler bearing for the pre93 2.0L XE, this can also be used for the upper idler to replace the CMB-T2 which is normally used for the cambelt tension, if you then use the water pump as the belt tensioner.  (If your engine is being run with cam belt covers you will need to modify the water pump and remove the  casing lug that locks into the back of the cambelt cover to allow free rotation of the offset pump.

CMB -T2 

This is the cambelt tensioner on the pre93 2.0L XE engine, this is normally only used on road engines and quite often replaced by the CMB-T1.  Please see CMB-T1 above for more information.

CMB -T2 Cambelt tensioner for pre93 XE engines

As seen on our Autosport stand, this is a new idler support kit for the pre-93 2.0L XE cam belt.  The design has been created to overcome a potential problem that occasionally occurs.  If a shock loading is applied to the cam belt either under competition, track day or fast road use usually generated by rapid downshifts, this additional force can occasionally provide excess loads causing the bolts to shear and an idler to fall off.  The engine carries on rotating and the cams begin to turn at a different speed and then stop causing catastrophic damage to the valves and even more major damage at very high rpm.  The new idler support bracket kit triangulates the loads and significantly improves the strength in this area by putting the bolt into double shear supporting each idler across three posts.

CMB-T1-MNT-01K Idler reinforcement kit

CMB-T1-MNT-01K Idler reinforcement kit

The new idler support bracket kit allows the use of either 2 x CMB-T1s (as shown on our display engine, see above for more information) or you can use the original tensioner idler and remove its support bracket. The CMB-TI-MNT-01K will then hold the bearings in position and you use the water pump, which is offset to tension the cambelt.

Idlers and cambelt are available separately.

CMVP1 2.0L XE pre93 Vernier pulley Vernier Pulley


Vernier Pulleys pre93 2.0LXE/LN Bolt Type Black/Red inner, sold as a pair

CMVP1 tooth pattern
Crank/cambelt drive pulleys
CRK-PLY-1-SBD-01K XE crank/cambelt drive pulley kit CRK-PLY-1-SBD-01K

We have produced a new XE crank/cambelt drive pulley kit to replace the early round tooth pattern pulley, which is no longer made by GM. We looked at the original design, which was made of a sintered material that was very weak & quite heavy. It was redesigned from scratch to make it lighter & stronger, it also incorporates an additional keyway to allow it to be used with steel crank which have 2 keyways. It has been made so that you can either use the original washer or if you are using SBD/Pace dry sump systems, the drive gear. We have designed a new 4-groove poly-vee type pulley to drive the alternator belt, which helps to prevent thrown alternator belts & reduces the alternator speed, ideal for use in competition cars. We are just completing the tooling that would allow our external 60-2 trigger wheel to be used. It includes the pulley, drive gear & 2 keys.

'New SBD front pulley kit for the XE engine should be of interest to the Irish rally boys!'

Our XE crank/cambelt drive pulley kit was featured in Classic Ford March 2009 issue, Autosport Show feature.

Classic Ford March 2009
CRK-PLY-1-SBD-01K-TW 2.0L Vauxhall Crank pulley CRK-PLY-1-SBD-01K-TW

Pre93 SBD crank/cambelt drive pulley with lightweight alternator drive pulley and external 58 tooth wheel for crank sensor CRK-SEN5 – Supplied with key for standard crank and steel crank

CRK-PLY-1-SBD-01K-TW 2.0L Vauxhall Crank pulley underside
Cam Belts

CMB1 Cam Belt for the 2.0L XE 16v Pre 93 Type

WT-PM1 Water pump pre 93

Water Pump


Water pump 2.0L XE 16v Pre 93


We have managed to source a 75-degree thermostat, which can be fitted into the 2.0L XE thermostat housing, it is also suitable for the 1.6L & 1.4L Vauxhalls. This is ideal for use on competition engines, allowing the engine to run at a cooler temperature.  The thermostat opens at 75-degrees as opposed to the original 92-degrees.

It includes an o-ring.

THERM-75 75-degree thermostat
2.0L Vauxhall Kits & Components

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