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1.6L/1.4L 16v Vauxhall Dry sump kits

This product is unavailable at the moment due to manufacturer issues, please keep a check on our website & Facebook page for further information.

OS-DSK5P4V Dry sump kit

Dry Sump Kit, with CD2000 type pump, with Front cover mounting. Ultra Low line sump with fins to protect flywheel that can be reduced if small flywheel is used, this sump also has a mount at the front for fixing an external crank speed sensor. (Ring for more details).

OS-DSK5P4V (shown left)for use with special 4 Vee small alternator crank drive (PWR side)

Dry Sump Installation Instruction Sheet
Dry Sump system connections

PLY-MV2TW-58-EX1 Multivee pulley CRK-SEN-5 Crank sensor BLK-BK1.6 Blanking kit
OS-DS-FC2 Dry sump front cover
Multivee alternator pulley & 58 tooth wheel for use with small alternator
MM angled crank sensor (inductive) 3 wire screened
1.6L Dry sump blanking kit
1.6L Dry sump front cover
Dry Sump Systems Information | Dry Sump Tanks & Spares | SBD XE Oil recommendation
1.6L Vauxhall Components

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