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Oil Couplings
Please Note: Never to use forged 90-degree couplings.
They create cavitation due to the fact that they prevent free flow, basically the problem is the coupling effectively has 2 opposing drills.  This means that when the oil is fed at pressure instead of going through a smooth curve as it would with a swept coupling, the oil reaches the end of the drilling, some of the oil will pass around the corner and some will bounce back.   We have seen engines fail by simply the addition of one forged coupling anywhere in the oil system, so we never recommend the use of the this type of coupling because the only way to find out will be to see if your engine destroys itself.

Oil Pressure Switches
OS-SWT-35PSI OS-SWT-35PSI Assembled
35psi switch & T-piece kit
(shown left assembled)
All pieces are available separately:
OS-SWT-35PSI Oil pressure switch 35psi

Oil Coolers
OS-OC16-12 Oil cooler Oil Coolers are available to order, please contact us to discuss your requirements
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