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SBD have now carried out extensive tests running Royal Purple across our range of engines and we consider their motorsport oil to give us a considerable improvement in protection for the engine. We have found the engine oil runs at a lower temperature, we have been able to use a lower viscosity oil, which has reduced friction and also allows the oil to reach the engine components faster particularly on cold start up. The engine internals remain much cleaner than we have seen previously with other oils.  One of the biggest advantages with a motorsport oil as opposed to a road compliant oil, is that the additives used are more suited to motorsport use and although there is an increased cost for such a high quality oil, it is only a small price in terms of looking after your highly tuned engine.

OIL-EN-RP-XPR-10W40-01 Royal Purple engine oil

OIL-EN-RP-XPR-10W40-01(shown left)
Royal Purple XPR 10W40 Motorsport Synthetic Oil, Case:6 x 1qt. (5.676L). SBD recommend the XPR oil for use in our XE and Duratec engines on all specifications.

OIL-EN-RP-BR-IN-10W30-01 Royal Purple breaking in oil
OIL-EN-RP-BR-IN-10W30-01 (shown right)
Royal Purple Breaking In Oil for dyno use, Case:6 x 1qt. (5.676L). We recommend this breaking in oil, this should be initially used on a dyno or rolling road using up to 3/4 load for approximately 1 hour at varying speeds and loads, then you should change to XPR oil to finish your mapping at full loads. (We would always recommend that the engine is inspected after the initial bedding in using an endoscope and leak down test).
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