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CRK-DURA-2.0L-1  Duratec crankshaft CRK-DURA-2.0L-1

Specially made steel crankshaft for Ford Duratec 2.0L with an added keyway groove for strength.

Featured in Retro Ford August 2006

'SBD is well-known for its rear-wheel drive XE wizardry, but have recently turned it attention to Ford's Duratec. It has a stock of specially-made steel crankshafts which are a direct replacement for the original two-litre item. It retains the standard 83.1mm stroke, but has a new added key way for additional strength and it only weighs 13.4kgs'

Retro Ford August 2006
Duratec Crank Components
The standard crank assembly on the Duratec relies on a centre crank bolt being tightened sufficiently to hold the front pulley trigger wheel assembly, cam chain drive gear and crank in perfect alignment. In motorsport, this has several potential issues. It is quite likely that the loads and vibrations could cause these components to go out of alignment and at the very least cause a loss in performance, the chances are that everything could come completely loose causing catastrophic damage to your engine.

SBD offer a range of components and services to ensure perfect alignment for complete accuracy, this also helps to make the engine easier to assemble and removes the reliance on the crank bolt keeping everything aligned.

In order to use the keyed components that SBD produce, your crank will need to have a 3mm wide key machined into it, this can either be carried out by us (CRK-DURA-KEY-MOD05) or we can provide information so you can have your crank machined locally.

We supply the key CRK-DURA-KEY at the correct length 44mm & width 3mm to suit the conversion allowing you to join all the components together.

If you are buying one of our steel crankshafts (see above), the key is machined into it as standard.

We have manufactured a new sprocket CRK-PLY-DURA-K that includes the original cam chain drive and oil pump drive gears, we have also machined a 3mm wide keyway for positive location to the crankshaft. The standard item relies on friction to hold it's location, which can cause issues in motorsport use. We produce these in large batches which means we have managed to keep the price of the component affordable and yet very high quality.

Duratec crank key components
Duratec Crank/Trigger wheels
SBD are producing a range of trigger wheels for the Duratec, there is the 146mm diameter trigger wheel as used on most of the 2.0L & 2.3L Duratec engines in UK and Europe. It is available in a 4-vee version or 6-vee version. The 4-vee version is the more commonly used version in motorsport. The 6 vee version is only manufactured in limited quantities as this is only normally used in applications which need to cope with extra load (such as power steering and air con), not normally used in motorsport. (see below)
PLY-MV5TW-36-1 Duratec 4-vee trigger wheel, 146mm diameter PLY-MV5TW-36-1 Duratec crank pulley 4-vee side view, 146mm diameter PLY-MV5TW-36-1 - 4-vee small diameter 36-1 tooth steel crank pulley, 146mm diameter (left)

PLY-MV6TW-36-1 - 6-vee small diameter 36-1 tooth steel crank pulley, 146mm diameter (right). Special order only

PLY-MV6TW-36-1 Duratec crank pulley 6-vee, 146mm diameter side view
The latest 2.5L Duratec and some of the 2.3L Duratecs use a larger diameter 36-1 tooth trigger wheel, which is 164mm diameter, these are available in the same 4-vee and 6-vee configurations but retain the small diameter pulley size to help reduce alternator and water pump speeds to prevent cavitation.
Duratec 2.3/2.5L Heavy duty crank/trigger wheel 4-vee Pulley with 3mm Key, 164mm diameter
Duratec 2.3/2.5L Heavy duty crank/trigger wheel 6-vee Pulley with 3mm Key, 164mm diameter
PLY-MV7TW-36-1 Duratec 4-vee trigger wheel, 164mm diameter PLY-MV8TW-36-1 Duratec 6-vee trigger wheel, 164mm diameter

Duratec heavy duty centre crank bolt M14 x 40mm x 1.50

BLT-CRK-DURA-HD Duratec heavy duty crank bolt  


Duratec Crank sensor

CRK-SEN-6 Duratec crank sensor

Please see our new website for Duratec Heavy Duty Main & Big End Bearings

The Duratec engine has a tin/aluminium bearing fitted as standard to both mains & bigends, it is recommended to replace these with a heavy duty version, which will give your engine extra protection.

Duratec Bigend Bearings
Duratec Kits & Components List

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