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All our systems always run twin scavenge pumps, this means we have to run an external pump because it is not possible to mount sufficiently large enough pumps within the engine itself. Twin scavenge pumps allow the oil to be drawn from the engine via 2 pipes, when it is either decelerating, accelerating or going up or downhill. This is a significant advantage over a single scavenge system where the oil can only be drawn from one place (maybe front, back or middle). The amount of oil being pumped from the pressure pump is quite significant & it would only take seconds for the tank to empty if the oil was not being returned by the scavenge pump. This could create two problems;
1. The engine could run out of oil causing total engine failure.
2. The more oil that is being carried in the engine the less efficient it becomes, due to the fact that the components such as the crankshaft & con-rods have to wade through the oil causing dramatic losses in torque & horsepower.

We (SBD) have spent many hours of design and development in conjunction with Titan Motorsport to ensure this all new system is a step above its competitors, this work started on the design board but quickly carried over to full-on Engine dyno time, followed by vigorous final testing on the track, the only way to ensure everything works as expected in the extreme conditions we need this to operate under.

Why were Titan Motorsport so keen for our feedback and testing? Well simply put they knew we had the highest engine specifications, horsepower and rev range, so once a system was approved by us, there could be no argument of its suitability.

Every detail of the kit has been looked over with care and experience, from the small details like adjustable bent tension via the mounting plate, strategic cut-outs in the sump mating face to allow easy removal for those quick strip downs, all the way through to the key areas such as CNC machined pump body and pulley.

Clearly the quality of the system is high, but to keep the cost competitive Titan utilised the most cost effective manufacturing method to produce the sump pan, modern casting techniques. Some of our competitors have chosen to use a sump pan machined from Billet Aluminium, and although this may look impressive, it is an inherently more expensive method, and as such other areas of their systems need to be compromised to keep their overall kit cost competitive. The Billet sump pans are often heavier, and with weight a crucial part of Motorsport we were keen to have the lightest system, the SBD/Titan system is 0.3Kgs lighter than its closest rival.

The large capacity rotors are a very high flow which we have found necessary for the Duratec engine due to it's aluminum construction which means as the engine warms up the bearing tolerances grow & therefore requiring a high flow pump. The system is available with 2 different sump pans; one design with a full length trough ideally suited for Caterham/Westfield types of car, the other sump pan has a cut out specifically designed to clear cross members on cars such as Escorts or similar. The Titan sump pan also has significant improvements on the scraper plate design over previous versions. This has improved the removal of the oil from the crank faster & directs it into the scavenge area of the sump. This reduces the drag on the crank and moving components, which allows the engine to potentially produce an increase in bhp.

Our advice is don’t try to do something different, follow the majority and chose the SBD Developed Titan Motorsport dry sump system, you won’t be disappointed.

OS-DSK-DURATEC-1-IN-A SBD/Titan Dry sump kit Duratec Inlet side -10/-12 Twin Trough sump pan. Suitable for Escorts or similar.

OS-DSK-DURATEC-2-IN-A SBD/Titan Dry sump kit Duratec Inlet side -10/-12 Full Trough sump pan. Suitable for Caterham/Westfield types of car. Shown right.

OS-DSK-DURATEC-1-IN-A Duratec dry sump system
OS-DSK-DURATEC-1-IN-A on SBD Duratec display engine


Compact Oil filter/oil inplate for Dry Sump Duratec engines.

OS-FTR-ADP-DUR-02 Compact Oil filter/oil inplate for Dry Sump Duratec engines


Duratec Special F3 Dry Sump System


OS-DSK-DURATEC-4-F3-E  Duratec dry sump system


Dry sump tank 5" (127mm) x 20" (508mm), allow 22" (559mm) for breathers, comes with -12 male ends. Capacity - approx 5L. No Base Plate. Fully splitable washable tank with built in baffles.

The Duratec requires a slightly bigger oil capacity in the tank than engines which have cam belts. The reason for this is that the area where the chain runs allows oil to accumulate in this area and under certain conditions you could actually accumulate as much as 1.5 litres in this area. The system we have developed with Titan is a twin scavenge with an extremely efficient pump both on pressure and scavenge, so the oil is less able to accumulate in any sections of the engine, either when the engine is under braking or acceleration as the oil is then evacuated at the front or rear scavenge depending on conditions. So a 5 litre tank capacity we have found is sufficient even on our high specification engines. This does not mean that your oil system will not contain more oil, as this will depend on the length of your oil pipes, oil coolers, oil filter and any other components in the system. It simply means the tank itself will hold 5 litres and the oil should be checked on our tank with the engine running or immediately after stopping that the oil level is just below or level with the top baffle (and not above).

As far as using a circular tank is concerned, it is far more efficient for the returning air and oil mix to be spun around the wall of the round tank, so the air separates out and only oil can then reach the bottom of the tank.

OS-DS-TK-5.0-12 Dry sump tank

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