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Duratec Multi-Throttle kit

We now list the basic Jenvey throttle body kit, this is to allow the user who is on a tighter budget and may not wish to progress for more performance at a later date. This kit will give identical performance to any of the direct to head throttle bodies but with the advantage of the separate throttle bodies and manifold, allowing for a wide choice of throttle linkage kits rather than the limited options you get with the direct to head. Obviously if you are looking for the ultimate performance either now or in the future, only choose the SBD Taper throttle bodies TP-DURA-2.0L-K3.

We have put together a complete multi-throttle kit, which includes Jenvey Multi-throttle kit, injectors, fuel regulator, MBE9A4 ECU and wiring harness, throttle position sensor, air temp sensor & water temp sensor. It will be tailored to your own requirements, please contact us for a complete package price.

All kits come with MBE9A4 ECU, which comes already programmed with a suitable map & ready to use.

The wiring harnesses have been specially designed to be as neat as possible and are available in front or rear wheel drive layouts to cover as many applications as possible, when ordering your kit you should specify whether your car is front, rear or mid engine layout.

LM9A4-RWD-COP01 Duratec wiring harness


MT-DURA-2.0-K1 Jenvey Duratec Multi-throttle kit
AT1 Air temperature sensor PT1 Throttle position sensor INJ-330-P 330cc Peco injectors FR-3.5 & FR-MNT Fuel pressure regulator & mount MBE9A4 ECU

Recommended Options
BARO-SEN-1&-LM-BARO-ADP-01 Barometric Sensors

Barometric Sensors

If you are likely to be using the engine in situations when you are at altitude i.e. travelling abroad in the mountains, then you'll need to run this sensor to adjust the fuel mixture to compensate.

LM-BARO-ADP-01 Barometric adaptor lead to upgrade off the shelf harness

BARO-SEN-1 Barometric pressure sensor

You may wish to upgrade the rod bolts to heavy duty bolts which will allow you to increase the rev limit from 7250 to 7750.

Duratec ARP H/Duty Rod Bolt set 2.0L for standard rods

RB-DURA-01K Duratec rod bolts

Duratec 2.0L Exhaust Manifolds
These kits will only yield their true potential when used in conjunction with our exhaust manifold or one made to our design and a suitable exhaust system. We have developed new high specification exhaust manifolds suitable for the Westfield S2000 chassis & Ford Escorts.
Duratec Kits & Components List

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