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Duratec Taper Throttle 270bhp Kit
Full details of our TP-KIT-FD-DUR2.0L-270 kit are on our new website


2.0L Duratec 270+bhp kit graph
Bill Gouldthorpe's 2.0L Duratec 270+bhp engine

Shown left is Bill Gouldthorpe's 270+bhp Duratec engine, which was installed in his Van Dieman for the 2008 Season.


Pacenotes reported on our Duratec kit in the May 2007 issue:

Renowned Vauxhall tuners SBD Motorsport of Surbiton, Surrey, have spent the last 12 months developing a 2.0L Duratec engine especially suited to the Ford Escort. The company has produced a kit which delivers 270bhp/190lbft torque with four injectors.

Pacenotes May 2007

The same set up, utilising upper & lower injectors delivered 283bhp/192lbft torque at the Track'n'Road Rolling Road in Essex recently. The kit includes a new design taper throttle body kit, MBE management system, wiring harness, CNC portwork, pistons & rods, cams & double valve springs and dry sump system.

Classic Fordincluded our Duratec kit in it's May issue:

Now that the Duratec is an option for a transplant, SB Developments have been working on tuning the unit. The company's hard work has resulted in new tuning components for the powerplant. Based on a 2-litre engine, new taper throttle bodies, CNC portwork, pistons and rods, cams & double valve springs, MBE management , plus a dry sump system give the unit a huge 270bhp & 190lb.ft of torque with four injectors - and that's natural aspiration! With eight-injectors the output rises to 283 bhp with 192lb.ft. These components are now available to purchase, with a kit set-up costing £6375 + VAT.

Classic Ford May 2007
Duratec Kits & Components List

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