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Duratec Fuel Injection Kits, Injectors, Back Plates & Inlet Manifolds
TP-DURA-2.0L-K3 on SBD display engine


Over the last few years, we have been developing a new throttle body system for the Duratec. Initially we started with the smaller size as used on the XE, we found this was good up to a point, but we felt that a larger size throttle body would help particularly due to the big port size. We tested various sizes of throttle body, eventually settling on a size that gave us the best horsepower & then developed the shape of the manifold to give the best torque characteristics.

Duratec Taper Throttle Engine Kits

We also incorporated what we had learnt from the Hayabusa development in that with careful positioning of the injector in relation to the butterfly, we have dramatically improved throttle response & mixture control to the point where we believe that the performance should virtually match that of an 8-injected system without the cost & installation complications. The two pre-production prototypes have been extensively tested by ourselves in a Mk2 Escort (both on the rolling road & competition use) and by Raceline on their latest development 2.3L engines for the Caterhams. They have currently seen over 305bhp on Mountune’s dyno & expect to see maybe another 10 bhp as their next dyno session by optimising the air horn length, where it is perfect for the 2.0L engine needs to be different for the 2.3L engine.

With our current development of the 2.0L engine & Raceline’s development of the 2.3L engine, we can see no reason why the engine, over the coming year, should edge closer to 315bhp.

All the components have been especially developed & are unique to the this throttle system, therefore the system is only sold as a whole kit.

We now produce 2 throttle pots, the normal Culven type & a new high spec Penny & Giles type, which is a fully sealed contactless throttle position sensor. Ideal for use in extreme conditions.

TP-DURA-2.0L-K3 SBD Taper throttle bodies

As you can see the injectors are mounted underneath the throttle body, the steep angle not only improves the mixture characteristics, but has been carefully worked out to allow for a simple flat air filter back plate.

As you can see the design has allow us to use a very short air horn to get the correct induction length (will vary for the 2.3L). This allows for a very short air filter, the minimum length would be AR-FS50-75 (this length is suitable for an Escort). The system has been developed to use the short peco size injector (not included in kits), the latest MBE ECUs have 16-bit fuel map technology, which allow ultrafine fuel control. Some older design ECUs may not be able to control such a larger injector as well. This injector has fantastic fan control allowing for, what we currently believe, is the best atomisation & fuel mix of any injector on the market.

The new throttle cable bracket (picture below), which is included in the kit is a neat simple design to compliment the cam design throttle mechanism, which allows for smooth & progressive operation of the throttle bodies. The throttle cable is not included in the kit, since each installation will be different.

TP-DURA-2.0L-K3 Duratec SBD Taper Throttle bodies
TP-DURA-2L-K3 Throttle cable bracket

The levers have also been designed to be easy to adjust even with the air filer back plate fitted.

We have incorporated o-ring grooves into the manifold (picture right), this allows for neat & simple installation and ease of removal & refitting. The port shape & size at the head face has designed to compliment our latest CNC headwork, we’ve also allowed sufficient material to allow for future development, but still keeping the casting very light.

TP-DURA-2L-K3 O-ring detail
Julian Godfrey tested our high specification Duratec throttle bodies & exhaust manifolds on the dyno with new tail pipe designs to develop his latest engine specification. He got the best results with our throttle bodies over all other well-known manufacturers & with extensive testing of our latest development exhaust manifold collectors achieved the best power & torque. We have now added this latest design to our Duratec exhaust manifolds.

The kit includes inlet manifold, throttle bodies, air horns, fuel rail and throttle cable bracket. It will come assembled as shown in the pictures right.

TP-DURA-2.0L-K3 parts TP-DURA-2.0L-K3 parts
Duratec Taper Throttle Linkages Kits
The TP-DURA-2.0L-K3 taper throttle kit comes with it's own built in throttle bracket (see details above) which simply requires a throttle cable, see below.
We have produced a high quality throttle cable kit, which is extremely flexible. The cable itself is 3m long. It is complete with SBD inline adjuster & ends, the user can then alter the length of the throttle cable to suit their own application. The cable length should suit anything from rear engined cars to front engined cars. The inline adjuster can then be mounted in the most suitable position for access. Ideally suited to our current generation of high specification Duratec, XE and Hayabusa kit, which have built in throttle cable brackets.  
TC-K3 SBD throttle cable kit

TC-K3 SBD High Specification Throttle Cable Kit (shown left)

Fitting instructions


TLK-K3-LH-01 Throttle cable fitting kit for left hand set up

For those customers who prefer the more traditional style throttle linkage kit either single or twin cable Jenvey type, we have a fitting kit which suits both the Vauxhall and Duratec high specification throttle bodies with option for either left or right end set up. They can be used in conjuction with both the TLK-CLS1 or TLK-CLS2.

TLK-K3-LH-01 Throttle cable fitting kit for left hand set up (shown left)
TLK-K3-RH-01 Throttle cable fitting kit for right hand set up (shown right)

TLK-K3-RH-01 Throttle cable fitting kit for right hand set up
TLK-CLS-1 Single cable throttle linkage kit TLK-CLS-2 Twin cable throttle linkage kit
TLK-CLS-1 Single cable throttle linkage kit TLK-CLS-2 Double cable throttle linkage kit
TLK-CLS-1-&-TLK-K3-RH-01-on-TP-VX-2-0-K3 TLK-CLS-2-&-TLK-K3-RH-01-on-TP-VX-2-0-K3
Jenvey Multi-throttle kit


We now list the basic Jenvey throttle body kit, this is to allow the user who is on a tighter budget and may not wish to progress for more performance at a later date.

This kit will give identical performance to any of the direct to head throttle bodies but with the advantage of the separate throttle bodies and manifold, allowing for a wide choice of throttle linkage kits rather than the limited options you get with the direct to head. Obviously if you are looking for the ultimate performance either now or in the future, only choose the SBD Taper throttle bodies TP-DURA-2.0L-K3, see above.

The kit includes the inlet manifold, throttle bodies, fuel rails, airhorns (normally 45mm x 40mm, but can be changed) and fitting kit.

MT-DURA-2.0-K1 Jenvey Duratec Multi-throttle kit
Multi-throttle bodies
Jenvey multi-throttle bodies


We can supply multi-throttle bodies, manufactured for us by Jenvey Dynamics. They are available as long bodies with idle bleeds in the following sizes. They are dimensional the same size as Weber DCOEs.
MT40I 40mm bodies. Black
MT42I 42mm bodies. Black
MT45I 45mm bodies. Black
MT48I 48mm bodies. Black

Please see our Multi-throttle webpage for full details including fuel rails & throttle cable brackets.

INJ-690P Peco injector
INJ-690 High flow blue injector
INJ-480P Yellow peco injector


Siemans 690cc Peco injector, 12.5 ohm, high flow injectors as used in our high specification fuel injection kit. Up to 450bhp.
High flow injector, blue 690cc, 12.5 Ohms. Direct replacement in the standard system. Used on high specification, turbo & super-charged engines


Small Peco injector, brown 330cc, normally for engine up to 250bhp or engines requiring emissions control.
Injector Diagnostic & Cleaning Service
Air Filters & Back Plates
Duratec back plates

AR-BP-DURA3/JC50 (left)
Laser cut backplate produced by ITG & designed for our Duratec taper throttle bodies. Can be used with the ITG sausage air filters. See Air Filters and Backing Plates for details.

AR-BP-BLK (right)
Alloy back plate blank for JC50 filters.

Duratec Kits & Components List

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