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2.0L Vauxhall Alternators
ALT-SM2 Ultra small alternator ALT-SM2-B

Ultra small Denso 2-wire alternator 2.5kg 40amp, can be used for the 2.0L, 1.6L & 1.4L Vauxhall engines. Electrical connector included. Pulley is available separately, see below.

ALT-SM2 dimensions
ALT-SM3 60amp alternator ALT-SM3-B

Because many of our customers run rally cars with lights & heated front and rear screens, we've introduced to our range a slightly larger alternator to cope with the extra current requirements.

Small Denso 2-wire alternator 3.2kg 60amp, can be used for the 2.0L, 1.6L & 1.4L Vauxhall engines & 2.0L Duratec engine. Electrical connector included. Pulley is available separately, see below.

ALT-SM3 dimensions
Retro Ford March 2010 - ALT-SM2
Retro Ford, March 2010 included our alternator on it's News page.
Big things in little packages SB Developments has recently released this tiny little alternator for use on the 2.0-litre XE Vauxhall engine and the 2.0-litre Duratec. It is perfect if space is a bit of an issue as it saves a whole heap of room in the engine bay, plus it only weighs 2.5kg. The item is rated at 50 amp and as such delivers more than enough squirt to run all of the electrical systems on your old Ford. There is also a pulley and mounting kit available, so it is quite literally a bolt-on conversion.
Ultra small alternator & mounting kit ALT-SMBK2A Ultra small alternator & mounting kit on display engine
Ultra small alternator ALT-SM2-B and mounting brackets as shown right on our 2.0L display engine.
Alternator mounting kit only, suitable for both ALT-SM2-B
ALT-SMBK3A (not shown)
Ultra small alternator ALT-SM3-B and mounting brackets.
ALT-SMBK3-1 (not shown)
Alternator mounting kit only, suitable for ALT-SM3-B alternator.
Fitting the 2.0L XE Alternator bracket for ALT-SM2-B alternator

PLY-MVA1-60-&-PLY-MVA1-55-15 Alternator pulleys PLY-MVA1-55-15
Pulley for our ultra small alternator ALT-SM2, 4vee x 55mm with a 15mm spindle
This pulley replaces the standard pulley on the alternator, which will allow you modify your standard alternator from single groove to four grooves. It has a 17mm spindle

Alternator belts
Part No Description
ALT-BELT-G4A Alternator belt 4 vee to suit Standard alternator & small 4 vee crank will suit 2.0L engines
ALT-BELT-G4S Alternator belt 4 vee to suit small alternator ALT-SM2 on 2.0L engines
ALT-BELT-G4S3 Alternator belt 4 vee to suit alternator ALT-SM3 on 2.0L engines

Multi-vee pulley for 2.0L - PLY-MV1

The standard single groove style alternator belts have a tendency to be thrown off the engine when used in fast road, competition or track day use. We recommend the replacement of the single groove pulley with our multi-groove pulley (this can only be used on cars where the pulley only drives the alternator with this belt). The smaller crank drive pulley also reduces the speed of the alternator because of its reduced diameter (diameter is 110mm); this has the added advantage of increased clearance when using a dry sump system. However for use with our dry sump system we would recommend the addition of a trigger wheel, see full details.

PLY-MV1 Multi-vee pulley
2.0L Vauxhall Components

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