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1.4L & 1.6L Vauxhall Coils, HT Leads & Spark Plugs
Coils & Mounting Kit
COIL-4 Ignition Coil 4 pin


GM/Sagem Coil 4 pin to suit distributorless engines, can be fitted direct to the head using 2 x M6x50mm cap head bolts.

COIL-4 mounting on 1.6L Vauxhall engine instructions

HT Leads
HT-LEAD HT lead centre
HT Lead dimensions

We can make HT lead centres to your required lengths with fittings to suit Beru ends. See picture right showing where to take measurements. The ends are shown for illustration purposes only & are not included in HT-LEAD-1 & HT-LEAD-4.

HT-LEAD1 Single HT Lead centre up to 30"
HT-LEAD4 Set 4 HT Lead centres up to 30"

Spark Plug
SP-BEPR7ES Spark plug


Spark plug with a built in resistor suitable for most of the 16v Vauxhall OPEL range of engines. Suitable for all competition applications.

1.6L Vauxhall Components

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