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CURRENT MBE ECUs - Pin Out & Related Wiring Information
All information sheets are pdf downloads
MBE9MD Display - Pin Out Information
9A9 - Pin Out Information
9A9/9A6 Connector layout
Pin Out Information & Fitting Instructions for LM9A4-OBD-COMMS
LMBDA-04 pin outs for MBE9A6
LMBDA-04 pin outs for MBE9A9
MBE OBD to CAN Pin out details (MBE985/973)
9A4 - Pin Out Information
9A8 - Pin Out Information
9A4i - Pin Out information
9A4i Ignition only Instructions
LM9A4 FWD-RWD Basic Wiring and Relay information
MBE CAN Data Stream Protocol Issue1.2
MBE9A4/9A8 CAN Data stream Templates to AiM Dashboards (SBD Instruction Sheet)
MBE9A4 CAN Data stream Templates to AiM Dashboards (AiM Instruction Sheet - link to AiM website)
MBE9A9 CAN Data stream Templates to AiM Dashboards (AiM Instruction Sheet - link to AiM website)
MBE-Suggested Generic CAN Data Stream Setup 9A4-9A8-9A9
Basic calibration information for Traction control via MBE9A4

Instructions to open wiring harness/ECU connector to add pins/splice additional wires
LM9A4-GSXR-M-OMS-2 Fitting instructions
LM-LAUNCH-UG-03 Fitting Instructions
Rev Counter Tacho Signal Information
Crank Sensors & Trigger Wheel Throttle Position Sensors Lambda Sensors Coil Connectors
36-1 Trigger wheel Setup Drawing Culven type used on TP Lambda Sensor fitting instructions Coil Connection for HT Leads
60-2 Trigger wheel (Vauxhall based)   Lambda Sensor 3&4 pin wiring instructions Coil Connectors Pin Outs
24-1 Trigger Wheel Setup (Hayabusa)      
24-2 Trigger Wheel Setup (Hayabusa)      
Hayabusa Crank Sensor Wiring to MBE 9A4/9A8/992 To Engine      
Duratec Crank Sensor wiring      
Crank Sensor wiring 60-2 to 36-1      
If you require technical assistance, this is chargeable at £50 per 30 minute intervals (e.g. if 20 minutes is spent, 30 minutes will be charged). Please call 0208 391 0121 stating that you require technical assistance for pin-out & wiring issues. Have your credit card details readily available.

When purchasing second hand ECUs, please note the following;

If the ECU is still a current issue i.e. advertised on our web site, it can be reprogrammed, costs from £90 per unit.

If the ECU is an older model, it is recommended that the ECU be only used for the type of engine it is already programmed for. If you require an older model reprogrammed, costs are from £125 per unit dependant on the age of the ECU. It can cost more for the unit to be reprogrammed than the purchase of new ECU. In addition, if the unit breaks, the older units (e.g. 912-900) are irreparable.

Testing/Repair of ECUs

If your ECU requires testing and/or repairing, the ECU must be sent to us with full details of the fault.

Testing only costs from £90 + VAT | Testing & Repairs costs from £150 + VAT

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