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Shift light & Combined warning systems Output
The MBE9A4 has warning systems which can be set up to trigger a light or bleeper.
Shift light
The shift light output is configurable in several ways, it could be set-up as a simple shift light which is purely rpm dependant. If you have a sequential gearbox & supply the MBE9A4 with gear position, you can have a gear dependant shift light.
Water temperature
The water temperature which will pulse the output.
Oil pressure (requires additional sensor)*
If you add a low pressure switch or pressure sensor to the MBE, you can set-up a low oil pressure warning, which can also be rpm dependant. This can be configured to trigger an oil light or linked to the shift light, so one output can do multiple functions.
Oil temperature (requires additional sensor)*
With the addition of an oil temperature sensor, the warning system can be set up for excess oil temperature. The ECU will then pulse the output when this maximum temperature is exceeded.
*There is a limited number of programmable pins on the MBE9A4, you may find you run out of pins due to either the number of sensors you wish to add or that other functions have already used up the programmable pins.
Bleeper system




More functions are continuously added to the MBE9A4, please download Easimap 6 for the latest updates.

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