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Crank Sensor & Trigger Wheel Input
Crank sensors are most commonly of the inductive type, you can normally use the original crank sensor. If your engine uses the hall effect type, MBE ECUs can be built to order.
MBE write special code to allow the use of a range of different trigger wheels, most commonly 60-2(GM/VW/Bosch), 36-1(Ford), 24-1(Suzuki hayabusa) & 24-2(Suzuki Busa 2008 & other late Japanese bike engines). Other trigger wheels may become available, download Easimap 6 to check current types.
TW-58-EX1 60-2 Trigger Wheel

A special piece of software has been written by MBE called soft start, this was produced due to known problem with the standard starter motors, that if the battery got a bit low sometimes the engine would kick back on starting and engage the starter clutch. This would, if you were lucky only damage the starter clutch itself, but if unlucky could break off part of the engine cases. Without going into too much detail, the ECU allows the engine to get up to speed during cranking before attempting to start the engine, if the engine does not reach sufficient speed it will not allow the engine to start, so damage can not occur.

We can supply a range of specialist sensors & suitable trigger wheels for applications that currently have no trigger wheel.

Vauxhall crank sensors & trigger wheels Duratec crank sensor & trigger wheel Hayabusa trigger wheels & crank sensors
Vauxhall Ford Duratec Suzuki Hayabusa
(can be used on other engines)    
More functions are continuously added to the MBE9A4i, please download Easimap 6 for the latest updates.

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