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Knock Strategy

The MBE9A6 has knock strategy. This is a safety feature which means if the user uses the wrong octane rated fuel or poor quality fuel or begins to have an issue with the engine, the ECU can detect knock and retard the ignition.

If the quality of the fuel is too poor or the engine issue worsens, the ECU will retard the ignition slowly to help combat this problem. If the issue persists you can only retard the ignition so far, otherwise the engine will generate excess heat which also could create damage. So the ECU will retard to a maximum safe limit to ensure that the ignition is not too far retarded. Once this limit has been reached the user has the option to select a limp mode. This will then engage a fuel rev limiter so the engine cannot be driven under load.

All the SBD 1.6L EcoBoost kits will be programmed with this strategy, if used on a different engine this strategy will have to be calibrated by the user.

The engine must be mapped correctly with safe ignition values and correct fuel mixture for your engine design and spec.

Please note that knock strategy is not to be used as a way of controlling excess ignition advance.

More functions are continuously added to the MBE9A6, please download Easimap 6 for the latest updates.

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