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The MBE9A8 is available for use with fuel injection car & bike engines. It is generally designed to allow the user to optimize the fuel & ignition settings to get the best out of an engine. It uses USB communication from your laptop, which is then converted by a small piece of hardware (MBE985) that converts the USB in CAN, which is a more stable system, used by car manufacturers worldwide. The MBE9A4 has upgradeable software that can be downloaded by the user or returned to us.

All additional functions in the ECU are free of charge, however it should be noted for some functions it may necessary to make complex additions to your existing wiring harness.

Trigger wheel & crank sensors
Crank sensor & trigger wheel
Throttle position
Throttle position sensor
Ignition Coils
Ignition coils
Fueling & Injectors
Water temperature
Water temperature sensor
Air Temperature
Air temperature sensor
Barometric pressure
Barometric pressure sensor
Boost sensor (MAP)
Boost sensor
Lambda sensor
Power Shift Power Shift
Fuel pump
Fuel pump
Shift light & Warning systems
Shift light & warning systems
Programmable Pins
Programmable Pins
  Easimap 6  
Idle control
Idle control
Cam control
Cam Control
Radiator fan
Radiator fan
Generic output
Generic Output
Electric water pump/ PDI water pump
Electric water pump
Turbo Control
Launch Control
Launch Control
Traction Control
Traction control
Data logging/histograms
Data logging/histograms
Data logging/CAN data stream
Data logging CAN data stream
OBD2 Scan Tool
OBD2 Scan Tool
Fault Detection
Fault detection
Easimap 6
  Technical Specification  
  Wiring harness  
Wiring harnesses
Standard | Vauxhall
Duratec | Hayabusa
  MBE9A8 Pinout information  
Mapping Strategy
All ECUs are fully tested during manufacture
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