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Engine Type:
Engines up to 8 cylinders
Fuel Injection :
Sequential fuelling, engines up to 8 cylinders (high impedance injectors)
Ignition Output :
4 sequential ignition drives allowing wasted spark or up to 8 cylinders coil-on plug ignition. Built-in amplifiers for direct ignition coil drive. Special order ECU for external amps.

· Engine Speed
· Throttle Position (TPS)
· Manifold Pressure
· Barometric Pressure
· Engine Temperature
· Air Temperature
· Battery Voltage
· Lambda Sensor
· Cam position (CPS)
· 3 Programmable inputs
· Fuel Pressure (optional)
· Oil Pressure (optional)
· Oil Temperature (optional)
· Power shift (optional)
· Gear Position (optional)
· Vehicle Speed (optional)

· Up to 8 Fuel Drives
· Up to 4 Ignition Drives
· 4 programmable outputs
· Tachometer (default)
· Fuel Pump Relay (default)
· Rad Fan (default)
· Shift light (default)
· Generic Output (optional)
· Various Outputs (see current software for Programmable Pin options)
Control Strategies
· Sequential Fuel Injection
· Programmable Dwell Control
· Multiple Crank Trigger Wheels
· Acceleration Fuel
· Overrun fuel cut-off
· Closed Loop Lambda
· Fuel Pump Relay
· Gearshift Light
· Radiator Fan Control
· Power shift
· Launch Control
· Boost Control
· Water Pump control (PWM)
· Traction Control
· VTEC Control
· Low Oil pressure warning
· Nitrous oxide control
· CAN Data Stream
· NEW functions added all the time*
Main Maps :
Fuel injection & ignition timing which have 64 speed sites & 16 load sites that are both fully programmable. The are 16bit, which give ultra fine control. Throttle angle or Manifold pressure (MAP)
Compensation Maps :
Compensations are applied to injection duration & ignition timing via engine temperature, intake air temperature, barometric pressure, manifold pressure & battery voltage.
On-board Data Logging:
On board histograms
Engine run time hour clock
Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8 Mapping:
· Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8 mapping via USB/CAN interface (hardware available separately)
· Graphical map editing
· Live mapping via the MBE985 mapping kit (wiring adaptor may be required)
· Professional mapping via the pro-CAN mapping kit using infinitely adjustable rotary encoders.
· Closed loop lambda mapping via wideband lambda equipment 5V input
CAN Data Interface:
· MBE CAN data to interface with 995 display & 998 gearbox controller
· Configurable CAN data stream for external logger or display
Software Upgrades:
· 9A8 ECUs have upgradable software to allow new & improved functions to be added
Physical Data:
ECU - General
· Envelope: 145 X 90 X 32 mm (5.7 X 3.5 X 1.3 in)
· Mass: 190g (0.4 lb)
· Operating: -40C to +85C (-40F to 185F)
· Supply voltage: 6.5V to 23V
Black glass-filled nylon, extremely lightweight
Twin lugs on each side of ecu
Sealed 36 pin connector, integral lock
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